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TICAP Conference Video


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In-flight smoking!

By Gasdoc

No! Not really! I just thought I'd jot a little down on my experience of electronic smoking on my flight home from Florida 10 days ago.

It was with my inner child making mischief that I walked back to the cabin crew's rear hiding place on flight BA 2036. I enquired as to whether she had heard of the electric cigarette, demonstrating the device lying in it's case. I was met with a vacant stare, which did not last long, as customer service training took over automatically. The young lady, although both perplexed and possibly concerned as to my state of substance withdrawal, would seek further guidance from a senior. The younger looking senior arrived and clarified the issue: Was I asking to use the device in the cabin? I replied in the affirmative, but for some reason felt it necessary to assure her that I was not psychologically dependant on doing this and would not start leading a protest or behave awkwardly should it be refused. She decided she would have to ask the captain, as, I suspect, it was not in the training manual. She returned rapidly and the captain, who professed to have heard of the concept, had no objections. However, he had advised her to inform passengers close by that I would be doing something that may look wrong, but was not!

Well, all that over with, I remained unrestrained and we had not been forced back to Orlando to have me removed, and after a respectable wait, I began to experiment with my new gadget. Feeling slightly guilty about the wisp of water vapour and looking like a naughty boy I sucked and I played.

Essentially it was mildly gratifying to breath in deeply through a plastic/metal cigarette and the steam added to the illusion. You have to suck harder than with a real fag and no mistake, it's not like smoking. However, passing the thing through my fingers and putting it to my lips, was, without doubt an assitance in resembling my normal behaviour. So that and the max strength nicotine patch worked a treat. A definite improvement. The next stage is to go without the patch.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Attending the TICAP Conference

By Blad Tolstoy

By now, many of you will have been reading about the TICAP Conference on 27th and 28th January in the European parliament in Brussels. If not, then go here:

It is important that as many people as possible make an effort to attend this event because however many wonderful things we have up our sleeves, they will not be very effective unless the conference room is full, well, more than that, it needs to be packed to the rafters for maximum impact!

(See the same page above to download both the conference invitation and to undertake your online registration.)

Yes, we have inquiries and participants from as far afield as The Gambia and Croatia, but you need to make the effort to attend too, because by doing so, then this time YOU really can make a difference!

See here for reference:

Don't hang back, step up to the mark!

I thank you!



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Hamish Howitt & A Sad Day for Publicans & Smokers

A self explanatory series of videos at the following link after Hamish lost his wife's licence!! Click here...


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Electronic Cigarette Review

Yes folks, I'm trying a new electronic cigarette. It looks like a cigarette, it tastes like a cigarette and it drags like a cigarette, get one! The only bone I would pick with the manufacturers is that they are claiming it could be used as a quit smoking aid. I'm not convinced, but it certainly works as means of irritating antis. It produces enough water vapour to make it look like you are breaking the law, but you are not smoking tobacco! I'm already producing coughs in perfectly well strangers and that's real fun. I'm looking forward to "lighting up" on the aeroplane and my local hotel is going to see me eating in for the first time in ages.

They only make a realistic cigar and pipe as well and the cartridges with the nicotine in come in a host of different flavours and strengths for the tobacco flavours. Naturally I'm on the strong ones!

Take a trip to the web site and see how much money you could save if you did reduce your real fag intake with this device. Better still buy it and get your own back!


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I am, by choosing to smoke! DER!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gaunty Suspended

Simon Clark blogs on the shameful suspension by Talksport of Jon Gaunt for standing up to a Nazi Bigot. Some of my views are covered here with a reproduction of my comments:

I am a long time observer of the different views held by the pro-choice organisations. In summary, I believe it would be fare to say that Simon, on behalf of Forest has always advocated discretion in language and presentation and that others have expressed concern that the anti's need less respect, indeed more contempt.

This is a classic example of how a display of contempt can only do our cause good. With respect to Simon, I fully appreciate his argument, Jon Gaunt has, as a result of his passionate expression of his beliefs achieved excellent press at some personal risk. I applaud him for this stand and fully endorse Simon's stand on his behalf.

Unfortunately, Gaunty was not so outspoken when it came to the smoking ban introduction. His Sun column was quite derisory towards the plight of smokers at this time. He did come across, on that occasion, as an anti-smoker. He did not appreciate how the power hungry anti-smoking movement would invade his own area of comfort. To this, I say "told you so Gaunty!" with some relish.

Could we please note, how important it is to join forces, and to stop pussy-footing around these NAZI zealots. We need passion like Gaunt to get noticed.

To visit Simon's Taking Liberties Blog and join in suporting Gaunty click here.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

The dangers of passive smoking!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is Cancer Caused By A Fungus?

By Blad Tolstoy

In this article I would like to introduce you to the work of Dr Tullio Simoncini (pictured left)who was the founder of Forces Italy.

Simoncini, an oncologist, is an interesting and controversial man who believes, contrary to current respectable thinking, that cancer is, in fact, caused by the fungus Candida. The current fundamental theory is that cancer is caused by a genetic disorder resulting in the over production of cancerous cells. Simoncini says that this theory is wrong.

Unlike many proposals concerning the causes of cancer which depend on rather flimsy and unreliable analysis provided by epidemiology, Simoncini's"proofs" are simple, elegant, physical and very direct and I would like you to view this film (split into three parts) on YouTube. Here, Simoncini demonstrates that cancer may be cured by the use of bicarbonate of soda:

1- Sodium bicarbonate, a natural way to treat the cancer

2- Sodium bicarbonate, a natural way to treat the cancer

3- Sodium bicarbonate, a natural way to treat the cancer

Please take the trouble to watch this video in its entirety as it is extremely interesting and informative.

Lastly, it is worth discovering that because he has stepped out of line with the medical
establishment, Simoncini has suffered substantial harassment and castigation. Read here:

Is Cancer Caused by the Candida Fungus?
Interview with Doctor Tullio Simoncini
by Emma Holister

It is indeed a shame that the medical establishment is incapable of considering radical alternative viewpoints without behaving in such a negative and counter-productive manner. Just what are they afraid of?


MATT Cartoons

To-day (18/10/08) The Daily Telegraph celebrated 20 years of the work of the cartoonist Matt. I have taken a small selection of those works (which I thought would be most appropriate for this site) for the readers to view. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Global Wanking Crisis

Wankers in the titty have messed up and the covenant of dickheads have pissed our money all over 'em. Like all of you I ain't got the faintest idea wot's going on. Anyway, the wank of england has made an emergency cut in the base rate. I've got a good mind to get straight onto the new watch dogs, CummOn, CummOff(IT) and PistOff. If you ask me this smacks of suits with big gambling problems. They've spent all my pension money and now they've been given all my tax revenue to feed their habit. I am mystified as to why ASH hasn't blaimed passive smoking. If anyone thinks they know what recession, depression or economic growth are, now's the time to let it out. Can anyone translate all this shite into CHINESE or ICELANDIC for us, that might be easier to grasp.


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Friday, October 03, 2008

Cigarette Packet Images

A bit of colour at last, but we still have to put up with the big white squares with "Smoking Kills" in them.  Funny that, perhaps the powers that be are not that sure we'll be rushing to pack up.  I know I shall be collecting the whole set.  Which reminds me, I just had to show you the following link to "The Spoof", apparently it has upset some of our wanky, criminal, sanctimonious, do-gooder aquaintenances.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TICAP Update

By Blad Tolstoy

Set your calendars and book your flights and hotels soon.

See: 1st World Conference against Prohibition: "Smoking Bans and Lies"

Look out for coming press releases!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

The International Coalition Against Prohibition (Update

By Blad Tolstoy

For those of you who have not already discovered it, then you may like to take a little visit to the website of The International Coalition Against Prohibition (TICAP).

As some of you know, TICAP was formed with the signing of The Aldebaran Treaty in Holland in May of this year.

Since May, we have made significant progress and are now a company limited by guarantee, with a growing international membership and with many more expressions of interest in our activities from locations as far afield as Brazil and Hawaii.

What TICAP is about is explained quite clearly on our website although there is much still to be contributed.

However, the real purpose of this posting is to tell the reader to keep a keen eye on our site, for there will soon be advertised a major event due to take place early next year.  Details will be posted in the very near future so stay tuned! 


Hypocritical Nazi Scum Award for September 2008

By Blad Tolstoy

Yes folks, in leafy Ealing, the Daily Mail reports that innocent smokers, minding their own business, will be stopped by “Smoking Police” and asked to take a carbon monoxide test and all for the sake of London’s most “hard-hitting” anti-smoking campaign.  

This clever inspiration was the brain child of Ealing Primary Care Trust which is spending £75,000 to fund the scheme to try and shock smokers into giving up. Smokers will be asked to breathe into a monitor to show how much carbon monoxide is in their bodies, and could then be signed up to local stop-smoking services and given access to counsellors.

Aside from the fact that the accompanying poll has shown to date (19/9/08) that 91% of those polled, including non-smokers, are against such tactics, one is forced to ask why, with a recession in progress and forecast to get much worse, Ealing Primary Care Trust is wasting precious financial resources on a scheme that is doomed to failure? 

Not only that, the scheme initiates outright harassment (smokers are becoming increasingly irritated at being victimised and bullied at every turn) of a large minority of the population who consume a legal product the revenue from which the Exchequer can ill-afford to do without. 

Indeed, we know, because the government has admitted it in 1986, that the tax on over-the-counter tobacco sales brings in £8 billion in tax.  This not only handsomely offsets the government’s guesstimate that smokers cost the NHS £1.7 billion, but, in addition, £8 billion is the cost of the entire NHS drugs budget. This is not the only income that the government gains from tobacco tax either, as there is, moreover, the monies gained from the corporation tax levied on the profits of the tobacco companies.

The next question then, for those of a logical frame of mind, is where would the NHS be, except in greater trouble, without the taxes paid by smokers?  Furthermore, if smokers stopped smoking, how would the non-smoking public like to make up the tax deficit from their wage packets, and particularly during a recession? 

More than all this, however, for those familiar with the chemistry of road fuels, testing smokers with carbon monoxide detectors will seem fatuous given the infinitely greater amounts of the same chemical being emitted by all the passing traffic, not to mention all the carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.

Schemes like this make no sense at all unless we know how to analyse the thinking behind them.  This thinking is instigated by an anti-smoking movement which seeks to harass and intimidate smokers at very turn.  It is nothing to do with health at all but generated by hate, and the fact a primary care trust has decided to jump on this bandwagon does not say a great deal that is commendable about its governing body. Most certainly, this is a tactic that former anti-smoking 
zealot Adolf Hitler would have been proud of and, subsequently, it gives Uncle Blad great pleasure to award Ealing Primary Care Trust the Hypocritical Nazi Scum Award for September 2008.

Finally, I have accompanied this article with a picture (adjusted for purposes of clarification) of a member of the Smoking Police harassing an innocent smoker.  This is, in fact, the Daily Mail’s picture and it is interesting that they chose one where this “officer” has his bottom to the viewer.  We can only surmise that, subconsciously, they intended to tell us that a person who does such a job is an arsehole.  For the benefit of those who don’t know where the arsehole is, I now hope I have left them in no doubt…


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Celebrity Morph by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph - Black and white photographs - Pedigree


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Conservative Freedom Charter

I am reliably informed that the Conservative Party is considering a Freedom Charter in readiness for the next general election. It will include references to the hunting ban, identity cards, DNA databases and amendments to the smoking ban. Specifically considering exemptions for private clubs.

We must all write to the party to express our support for this idea, detailing any difficulties we have experienced, before they waiver.

Here is the address to write:

Conservative Campaign Headquarters
30 Millbank
Here is the Conservative Party web email form link:
Here is a link to the Freedom 2 Choose Forum where the information was first reported:
Lets not let this go unnoticed.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Smoking Café

You are cordially invited to participate in the rebirth of the Smoking Café Forum.
Visit the link below and all will become apparent...


Urgent Action Required

E-response to the government consultation on the future of tobacco control

Please enter your full name, your email address, and your postcode.

* I oppose the introduction of unnecessary regulations that will threaten jobs and small businesses, and inconvenience millions of consumers.
* I oppose the proposals to ban the display of tobacco in shops, and ban tobacco vending machines.
* I support measures to educate children about the health risks of smoking, but I oppose measures designed to demonise adult smokers.
* I oppose the stigmatisation of smokers and the erosion of civil liberties by Big Government.


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About Us

Page Under Construction


Saturday, August 16, 2008





At present all you need to do to contact either Blad, Gasdoc or any of our other Freedom Fighters is to click on the following link:

Contact Us



Smokers' Rights Groups - UK

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German Courts Change Smoking History

Germany, second home to Europe's second most rabid anti-smoker this century has reversed it's Nazi history by proposing amending their anti-smoking law. Adolf Hitler, second only to Amanda Sandford of ASH(UK) was famous for his anti-smoking rhetoric, but courts in the country he once led have decided that their anti-smoking law is not just.

"The court said a ban on smoking in small one-room bars in two states – Berlin and Baden-Wuttermberg – was discriminatory as similar pubs that had extra rooms were legally allowed to offer one for smokers."

The court's recommendation is that the law should be redrawn, but it does also suggest that one alternative is to totally ban smoking in pubs rather than allow smoking rooms.

The report in "The Publican" relates the story of of two small Berlin pubs whose takings had dropped by 30%.

Anti-smokers will doubtless point to the UK law being better drafted, but at least this is a small victory as it demonstrates the unfairness of anti-smoking legislation in Europe.

Read the article...


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Truth Seeker and ASH

"I don't think I need go any further, save to say, bunkum!

Please Truth Seeker, give us your thoughts and perhaps indicate how your decision making process is going."

Please revisit Truth Seeker Blog for an update and read ASH's wise words.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

The BMA Gets A Kicking Part 2

“Doctor, doctor, there’s smoke in my eyes”

By Simon Heffer

We should be used by now to the self-important berks of the British Medical Association using their annual junket to suggest some aspect of our over-regulated, over-nannied lives in which they feel there is insufficient interference. This year, though, they have excelled themselves, demanding higher certification for films that show anyone smoking. Soon, the films of Bogey and Bacall (the latter of whom is still going strong and looking pretty good at 83) will be top-shelf material, and allowed to be shown only on subscription channels well after the watershed. Let us, though, consider the sheer unmitigated claptrap of this idea. I am addicted to old films, watch little else when I go near a television, and have been so since infancy. People smoke in them all the time. Yet I have never smoked so much as a salmon in my life. Do you, like me, start to feel troubled about what role the medical profession would find for itself if we had a totalitarian state? What did that nice Mr Mengele do for a living, by the way?


The BMA Gets A Kicking Part 1

“The Nasty Doctor”

By Blad Tolstoy

Needless to say, this is a doctor friendly website. After all, with one member of the production team being a doctor, and the other having worked for the NHS three times in three different capacities, it would be odd if it wasn’t.

However, like many members of the public, including a number of doctors, there is a significant degree of concern with the way the BMA conducts itself these days. It is, essentially, a medical trade union although as a trade union it has, in many respects, exceeded even the NUM’s Arthur Scargill in being bossy and dictatorial.

Indeed, the BMA now believes in dictating our lifestyles and along with NICE (The National Institute for Clinical Excellence) it no longer thinks that people with “unhealthy lifestyles should receive NHS treatment, even though those people may have paid for that treatment many times over. Smokers, of course, are an important case in question, for though the payment of tax on the over-the-counter sales of tobacco products, plus the corporation tax levied on the profits of the tobacco companies, they permit the government to receive annual revenue to the tune of several billions of pounds. And all that on top of National Insurance contributions!

I was pleased then, this last week, to read Janet Daley in The Daily Telegraph, having a go at Dr Hamish Meldrum, head of the BMA. No, I said “ Hamish Meldrum” and not “Victor Meldrew”, but you may be forgiven for being confused about this as they are both rather nasty old buggers.

Anyway, Meldrum has angered patients' groups and fellow doctors by saying that current rules which prevent patients from combining private and NHS treatment – by stipulating that those who pay for any part of their care should pay for all of it – must be maintained.



This seems to have caused a particular furore amongst cancer patients, many of whom need to purchase their own additional treatments or top-ups to survive.

Meldrum was described as “cruel” and in denial about the current reality of the services that the NHS can afford to provide, and I must admit, it was good to hear of this off-white paragon of virtue getting a good kicking. Ever heard of the Hippocratic Oath, Hamish?

However, the good news doesn’t just end there, as my old pal Simon Heffer had a go too, in today’s Telegraph (12/7/08). This time it was in relation to the BMA’s comments on films. I shan’t say any more as I don’t want to spoil your appetite for this next little piece of dry caustic criticism delivered in a way that only Simon can.


Monday, July 07, 2008

Liberty is Coming Back to America!

By Blad Tolstoy

I am pleased to announce that as I write, ladies and gentlemen, a major event is taking place in Hawaii. Today, July 6th, is International Day of Defiance in that sunny state and a new dawn is beginning. Yes, I know many of you have always kept the faith, but still you wondered when a change was coming. Now that day has arrived.

Hawaiian bar owners, cyclists and gun owners are out on the streets and united in their demands for freedom of choice. This is a new alliance and one that is set to grow... And grow...And grow!

A message of support has already been given in a Skype chat conference, and personally, to Dave Crowley (one of the prime movers in Hawaii), by The International Coalition Against Prohibition (TICAP) which represents organisations from some 15 countries through out the world.

Now please read this newsflash at Forces International:

March on Capitol on July 6

And then, tune into this programme for an interview with Dave Crowley and the following discussions on that precious matter of freedom of choice. As you will discover, the mood in America is starting to change!

Please excuse the pauses in the podcast. Just be patient and persevere. You'll find it will be worth it!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reply to anti

I draughted this to a message I got on SagaZone, thought it would interest those looking for things to say to people who disagree with us...

Interesting thoughts and thanks for taking the trouble to jot them down. It does look like a jolly good spamming attempt from an anti-smoker but thanks for letting me know it wasn't your intention.

Thank you for drawing the possibility of some inappropriate language on my blog to my attention. I would not want to offend and so I would be most grateful if you could point this out to me more specifically. I am afraid I have not been able to identify the offending comments.

Naturally, I have heard all your stated views before and sometimes agonise about how best to comment. In considering a reply I first have to consider my motivation. Am I driven by a need to "stand up for myself" or do I strive to correct your narrow minded and closed thinking? Neither of these fit the bill, I decide. In writing what I write, I am simply expressing my personal views. You will be surprised to hear, views welcomed my many. These are the views of a libertarian at heart, someone who firmly believes in the right to choose and the views of a pure scientist. I have no political mind or inclination but the "passive smoking" phenomenon, invented by the WHO and peddled by ASH, SCOTH, HMG and the BMA rancours with me. It is the blatant and fully admitted use of propaganda, the prostitution of science and the unilateral imposition of a state of victimisation of a minority group. This minority group harms no one and breaks no laws until the laws are drafted to infringe upon their lifestyle.

I am sorry that your views are dichotomous to mine and that you felt the need to draw this to my attention, however, they are your views and although I would argue with you I respect your right to state them.

My profession is a caring one and does not support the dehumanisation of anyone. My smoking patients and non-smoking patients all receive the greatest of compassion. The last thing on their mind is whether a whiff of tobacco comes their way.

I naturally express my condolences over your losses, but if you wish to blame smoking for them, then you might find the grieving process less bearable than simply accepting that we all die and we all make our choices.

Please feel free to reply but do not if you simply intend to repeat your views.

Best regards



Monday, June 23, 2008

Passive Smoking Dies A Death

This article published on 1st July 2008 say it all. What you and I have been saying for many years. It is written by a "pulmonologist", that must be an american lung specialist. Not necessarily a medic but defo a scientist. It is published in "Environment and Climate News" by the american "Heartland Institute". It very neatly summarises all the available information and correctly identifies how 80% of the American and worldwide public have been duped into believing second hand tobacco smoke can harm non-smokers.

Passive smoking does no harm at all..RIP "Passive Smoking"

Follow the following link to read the best prose of the last two centuries. It is music to our ears and probably won't make a jot of difference to us!

Click here!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blad's Imagination Running Riot Again!


Ireland - a wonderful picture in more ways than one

by Blad Tolstoy

To a reader with an unpractised eye this may seem a wonderful picture solely due to the fact it shows the Irish "NO" voters winning against the Lisbon Treaty yesterday (13/6/08).

This IS wonderful of course, as it demonstrates what we all know, which is, that if all the countries of the EU were granted referenda then the Treaty would be rejected by most if not all.

Most people are now sick of the overweaning powers the EU has granted itself and want the brakes putting on. One of the most infamous EU directives, of course, was the smoking ban, and this directive our treacherous government has enacted with a gusto rivalled only by its contempt for civil liberties and its ignoring of the demand by the British people for our own EU referendum.

However, there is more to this picture than meets the eye, so I ask the reader to cast his or her eye to the table before the revellers. In front of the lady is an ashtray with a cigarette in it and in front of the man on her left a cigarette packet is clearly visible on the table in front of him (it's even more obvious in the original picture and no, it's not a mobile phone). Notice too, that the picture is taken inside a pub or bar.

Smoking indoors AND rejecting the Lisbon Treaty? A double win for the Irish I think.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Andrew Gimson

Forward by Blad Tolstoy

As readers will know I occasionally reprint an article or column by a journalist on this site if I enjoy what they have to say. One whose articles exhibit a nice dry sense of humour is Andrew Gimson and this article by him in last Friday’s Daily Telegraph cheered me up. No, it’s not directly related to smoking bans but it really extracts the michael from a former leader of the party many of us former Labour voters have really grown to hate. So here we go:

Tony Blair, master of empty style here again

By Andrew Gimson

How Tony Blair beamed on his return to Westminster. His lightly-tanned features widened in a grin that would have split a lesser man in two, and when he also raised his eyebrows in delight we began to wonder if he was made of latex rather than of flesh and blood.

But the sad, staring eyes of the former prime minister affirmed his humanity. We have seen the same eyes in models who are not as happy as the fashion industry would have us believe.

Mr Blair turned and directed one of his most ludicrous, I'm-so-pleased-to-see-you grins at the assembled press: like the star performer he is, he wished to see which critics had turned out for his comeback show.

Directing his smile once more at the MPs on the international development committee, Mr Blair asked with a show of enthusiasm: "How are you guys doing?".

One was reminded of the mastery this greatest living exponent of sofa government has of the matey informalities which establish a bogus intimacy between someone very important and a group of nonentities.

The committee was taking evidence from Mr Blair as the representative of the Middle East Quartet, the post he was given in recognition of his virtuoso handling of an insoluble problem, namely Gordon Brown.

For 13 years, Mr Blair managed to keep the lid on Mr Brown and maintain an uneasy truce between New Labour and Old Labour. It was an astonishing achievement but peace was bought at a heavy price: Mr Brown had to be locked in the Treasury, where taxpayers were obliged to foot the bill for his tax-and-spend habit.

The skills that Mr Blair is bringing to bear on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were previously devoted to keeping not just Mr Brown but Peter Mandelson, Alastair Campbell, Cherie Blair, Carole Caplin, John Prescott, Gerry Adams, Ian Paisley, Lord Levy and many other curious characters in some semblance of order, with nothing more alluring than a life peerage or book serialisation to buy off troublemakers.

Mr Blair's capacity for optimistic realism helped him to keep going long after a pessimist would have given up but there were still some people who wondered whether he was suitable for his current role. Jim Sheridan (Lab, Paisley and Renfrewshire North) pointed out that as far as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is concerned, some people also wonder "whether or not you're the right man for the job".

Mr Blair replied, quick as a flash: "Fairly familiar, that kind of question." It was the kind of light remark that usually proves beyond Mr Brown.

As Mr Blair admitted, a humanitarian disaster is unfolding in Gaza, yet it is difficult for Israeli politicians to take any steps to ease the conflict while their own people are under rocket and mortar attack from Gaza.

Terrible though the sufferings of the Palestinians in Gaza are, some of us could not help sparing a thought for the humanitarian disaster that is unfolding at Westminster, with hundreds of Labour MPs in danger of being thrown out of work and condemned to lives of futility under the cruel, top-hatted regime of David Cameron.

Might it help if Mr Blair were to return to the party that he led so long and so successfully? The Labour Party is understandably worried about removing Mr Brown and inflicting a second unelected Prime Minister on us but they could instead inflict the elected Prime Minister, Mr Blair, on us.

Yet as we watched this very clever, fluent, plausible, self-righteous, over-friendly salesman twist the committee round his little finger, a different thought formed in our mind. Good riddance.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photographic Treat

Nick Hogan Interviewed By A British Journalist Before Signing The Aldebaran Treaty In Hoorn, Holland, At The Beginning Of May.


Bump for Truth Seeker

Hi All

Just thought I'd remind people to pay a visit to Truth Seeker's blog. It seems comments have died down and I think there is still valuable discussion to be had. I feel that this is a genuine request as I have had personal emails with Truth Seeker. We are also promised some input from ASH, which would be just grand. I know..don't hold your breath..but it would be quite a first for them to come out of their ivory tower in this manner and it will definitely be interesting if it doesn't raise to many hackles! Here is a link...Truth Seeker.



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kwok, further examination..

Figure 2 Adjusted* hazard ratios with 95% CI for first hospitalisation by causes and age groups in relation to baseline second-hand smoke (SHS) exposure (compared with no SHS exposure). *Adjusted for sex, birthweight, gestational age, breastfeeding history, maternal age, highest parental education level, type of hospital at birth, household income per head, mother’s smoking and mother’s SHS exposure in pregnancy.

Here is Figure 2 from the Kwok report. I primarily choose it as it gives a very good immediate visual impression of the true outcome of the statistical manipulation.

If you just gaze at the whole image you will see that the X's and O's are pretty close to the baseline RR of 1, despite the expanded x-axis scale. You will also notice that the universally accepted level of RR to hint at an association of 3 is not met by any of the values except in the accident group.

No information as to the actual number of hospital admissions in each group (infection, accidents etc) is given, which is essential to make any conclusions.

Apart from the accident and all causes groups the distribution of values across the baseline is equaly shared between the increased and the decreased RR areas. (Above and below the baseline). You may also notice that virtually all the lines would overlap if they were superimposed.

These graphs, far from supporting any association between the proximity of the smoker to the infant and illness in these infants, irrefutably show that this study has demonstrated no link between "passive smoking" and hospital admission of infants for any cause.

This type of analysis is what is lacking in the media and can be applied to all studies on passive smoking.


Johnson, New Labour’s New Dunce

By Blad Tolstoy

“New Labour’s new dunce? Don’t they have so many?” I hear you ask in surprise.

Yes, well they do, but Johnson is yet another and very current manifestation of how stupid and devious they can be.

Let’s consider matters simply. New Labour is finished and we all await with impatience for the demise of this “fag end” of a government (pardon the pun). Things can only get worse for them now and matters are horrendously terrible as they run into yet more trouble with proposed road fuel and road-tax price rises.

Enter Alan Johnson (he’s the cone head pictured here) who attempts to seize a new initiative which shows that our idiot government has still not learnt enough from the kicking it just received at the Nantwich and Crewe by-election.

No, of course it hasn’t. It thinks it’s all down to outside factors affecting our economy adversely - plus poor leadership demonstrated by gormless Gordon - that are all the cause of its present ill fortunes.

The public thinks otherwise, of course, and identifies correctly a whole host of reasons why New Labour is finished, ranging from the government’s own mismanagement of the economy, swinging taxes, the failure to grant an EU treaty referendum and excessive regulations and interference in citizens’ lives.

The smoking ban is certainly one of these factors, for not only has it adversely affected the lives of smokers but also many people’s businesses such as pubs, clubs, bingo halls, some cafes and restaurants, and hosts of connected occupations dependant upon smokers. These make up a very large percentage of the population, but of course, as this government has a severe reality check problem, it prefers to believe ASH and their toadies who whisper honeyed words in its ears about how popular the smoking ban really is. Well, I’m sure it is with some people, but it also isn’t with a lot of others either, and many more think it’s gone too far, and that’s precisely the message our government fails to grasp along with the Nu-Tory Party and the Lobotomised Dead (better known as the Liberal Democrats).

So, what happened next? Well, following the announcement by the Scottish Executive that it intends to ban the display of cigarettes in shops, Johnson announces he’s going to do the same in England and Wales. This came as a shock to many tobacco retailers (newsagents, grocers and others) who thought they were undergoing a consultation process with the government about this issue, as suddenly, Johnson jumps the gun, which is to completely ignore their contributions, to make a decision before the conclusion of the consultation is reached. (Typical New Labour: pretend to consult and ignore.)

I was struck by the final part of the discussion on 5 Live last night (26/5/08) when the ASH representative intoned mollifyingly: “Of course, there will have to be careful discussions about this.” Does she believe that? Does she heck, for she knows she has the ear of fuckwit Johnson and that he’s stupid and gullible, and, dishonest. Like most politicians in a fix he’s looking for a way to look good when the NHS is unable to cope. So off we go. “We’ll extend further this ‘popular’ smoking ban,” thinks Johnson, which demonstrates precisely why he should be wearing a dunce’s hat.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SHS, Babies, Hong Kong & Garbage

The media including all the nationals, GMTV and no doubt every available platform for the anti-smoker reports today that young babies are at risk of harm from passive smoking. Naturally that is not the case, but hey, that doesn't matter any more in this age of Orwellian "newspeak". On the contrary, all media should jump on any bandwagon, so as to cause as much avoidable hysteria as possible, thereby stifling any independent thought.

Words included in the new language are:

"Study", which now means "survey of no credibility designed and undertaken by wankers"
"Experts", which now means "anyone including Fiona Phillips and Hiliary Jones"
"Smoker", which now means "murdering fuckwit"

The furore is loosely based around an article, today published online, in Tobacco Control, a BMJ journal. An organ renown for its adherence to its strict criterion for vetting what it prints; "if it stinks we'll have it!".

The "study" can be found here, as I have saved it to a location of my choice for your perusal. I would rather trust your opinion than the aforementioned "experts". Needless to say it involves the collection of information via a questionnaire from the mothers of some foreign babies relating to there husband's smoking habits. Specifically these people where asked whether the man of the house smoked within 3 metres of the baby and these ladies answered accurately. The authors then applied some sums to some numbers that were generated and produced some Odds Ratios. The end result is that there was no difference between the groups of babies who were smoked on and those who were not. However, something else seems to have been concluded by virtually everyone other than me.

Have a read for yourself and see what you think. Kwok et al, Tobacco Control.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Passivrauchen Video

Many of you will be familiar with Hairy Chestnut's quality pro-choice videos on YouTube. Blad has alerted me to his latest offering. This really is a must see. I shall attempt to "embed" it below, but otherwise you can follow this link...Passivrauchen!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Coalition Grows

By Blad Tolstoy

I am pleased to announce that the full list of organisations which are now on the Coalition list, or who took part in the recent Summit in Holland at which the Aldebaran Treaty was signed, has grown and will continue to do so. They are, to date:

Ban the Ban Winconsin,
Citizens Against Government Encroachment (Canada),
DaRy (Denmark),
Forces Germany,
Forces Holland,
Forces International,
Forces Italy,
Freedom to Choose Scotland,
Freedom to Choose (UK),
Jean Nicot (Belgium),
Liberté de Choisir (France),
My Choice (Canada),
Pennsylvania Smokers' Action Network,
Serving Freedom (International/USA),
Sleepwalk Prison (UK and France),
Smokers' Interest (Holland),
Swan Hospitality Limited (UK),
The Danish Smokers' Party,
The Dutch Association of Coffee Shops,
The Dutch Party Against Nannyism,
The German Party Against Nannyism (BmB),
The Hungarian Smokers' Society,
The Smoker's Club (USA).

This list does not include the names of individuals, mainline political parties and MEPs who are supporting and/or showing an interest.

This is the beginning, now let's unleash the whirlwind!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Rob", our new contributor

Pro-choice smoking doctor blog has gained a new contributor. "Rob" as he likes to be known has a particularly unrevealing Blogger profile, so clearly is a secret agent. However, he is responsible for alerting us to the Desmond Morris article below and now has uncovered this quite lovely article that discusses quite scathingly and at length the micky mouse use of epidemiology in health science reporting. A recommended read!

Rob says:

Here's another article I quite like... an award winning article published in Science magazine about the problems with Epidemiology.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why man COULD live for ever

Here is a very readible article by Desmond Morris now in his 80's. In it he discusses the matter of mortality and longevity, siting the example of a late 120 year old woman, who he had met. You'll be pleased to hear she was a smoker. It is a good read. Follow this link to read the Daily Mail article...


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Truth Seeker

Hi bloggers
I was alerted to another bloggers plaintive cry for balanced information on the risk to him or her of smoking 5 cigs a day. The beginning of my response is below. If you are willing to help, I would suggest as many of us as possible provide our views.

"I believe you raise an important point: How do you decide what to do for you own good? You suggest that the available information is tainted by agenda and I agree absolutely. I would also say however that the nature of scientific evidence is however very inexact and will never be able to direct one individual's personal choices with any level of certainty. So the influence of agenda is an additional complication. So that's the short answer, nobody knows the whole picture! There are simply too many variables."

Here is the link to the blog...The Truth Seeker


Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Aldebaran Treaty (A landmark is made)

by John Gray

During the last few days covering the 1st to the 3rd May a group of people gathered for a Summit meeting on board the Aldebaran, an old sailing ship docked at the small port of Hoorn, in Holland. (Hoorn is fairly close to Amsterdam.) The purpose of this Summit was twofold: firstly to establish the existence of the International Coalition Against Prohibition (ICAP), and secondly, to plan for the 1st International Conference Against Prohibition intended to take place either in mid autumn or early next year.

We are pleased to announce that the Memorandum and Articles for ICAP were successfully agreed and signed by an international body of subscribers and the document will now move forward to Companies House (UK) where ICAP will be registered as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. This has been significant agreement between national representatives, many of whom had never met before, and which will also be known from now on as The Aldebaran Treaty.

Planning for the International Conference will also go ahead although there is an enormous amount of careful and painstaking work necessary to be undertaken.

As representatives of European and transatlantic nations and organisations we are now bound in solidarity against smoking bans and the so many other damaging prohibitions that are lucrative and fashionable in today's world of scientific fraud and political stupidity where adults are treated as children and freedom of choice is under threat. Furthermore, although all our strategies and objectives have not been fully agreed, as much of this will be decided at the coming International Conference, we now have the vehicle with which to co-operate nation with nation and this co-operation has already started. Also, as a result of the Summit, one of the participants - well known British publican and freedom fighter Nick Hogan - has already been invited to Brussels by a British MEP in order to lobby and network.

Countries represented by the signatories of ICAP's governing document include: England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Italy, America and Canada.

Organisations represented at the Summit were:

Freedom to Choose (UK)
Freedom to Choose (Scotland)
Forces International
Forces Italy
Forces Holland
Forces Germany
Dary (Denmark)
The Danish Smokers' Party
The Party Against Nannyism (Holland)
Smokers' Interest (Holland)
The Association of Dutch Coffee Shops
The Hungarian Association of Smokers' Societies

We are on the march and will not stop now!


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Aloha Hawaii

By Blad Tolstoy

Some of our readers may recall that we have quite a cordial relationship with Dave Crowley of Hawaii Smokers' Alliance. Moreover, this site was the first to publicise the fact the Alliance supported and joined in sympathy with our efforts in the UK to act in defiance against their state's smoking ban for last year's World Day of Defiance on July 1st.

We are now delighted to report that matters are progressing well in Hawaii with a major slap in the face having newly occurred for some of their scumbag anti officials delivered, no less, by the Hawaiian Business Regulatory Board based in Honolulu. Smoking bans are not good for business as our own stupid and mendacious government also needs to learn.

For the full story, read on: "Hawaii Bombshell!!!"


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our Government Lies Through Its Teeth…Again

By Blad Tolstoy

A short while ago, I signed a Downing Street petition requesting designated smoking rooms because of damage to business.

The government’s reply is illuminating as yet another instance of its ability to lie through its teeth. This is what they said:

“However, survey data, anecdotal evidence and reports in the media seem to indicate that the impact on the hospitality trade as a whole has been at worst neutral and in many cases positive.”

See the full reponse by clicking here



Writing That Really Is Worth Reading

By Blad Tolstoy

I should like to draw the reader’s attention to two articles that really are worth reading.

The first is an essay by Vaclav Klaus, the current and popular President of the Czech Republic. For the readers’ information Klaus does not agree with smoking bans and does not believe the anthropogenic theory of global warming.

This week, I should like to recommend Klaus’ essay: “The Intellectuals and Socialism: As Seen from a Post-Communist Country Situated in Predominantly Post-Democratic Europe.”

In this essay Klaus illustrates the damaging current predominant intellectual ethos of “soft” socialism and how it has facilitated the creation of to-day’s illiberal society. Klaus’ writing is insightful and a superb aid to our understanding of the political world in which we now live.

Click here to visit Vaclav Klaus' article

The second article is by our pal Ed Contoski, and also an essay, entitled: “Death by Smoking Ban.”

I shall use Ed’s words to describe his own piece:

“Death by Smoking Ban shows that far more people die because of smoking bans than because of secondhand smoke. It quotes several important studies that debunk the claims of health dangers from secondhand smoke, and it cites evidence that smoking bans are causing deaths in unexpected ways. The public has been deceived into believing secondhand smoke is dangerous by pseudo-scientific propaganda of more than a hundred well-organized, well-funded anti-smoking organizations. Their dishonesty and the phoniness of their claims is evident in examples cited from a recent Most Ridiculous Secondhand Smoke Claim Tournament run by Michael Siegel, a physician who specialized in preventive medicine and public health.”

Click here to visit Ed Contoski's article

(The link to Michael Siegel’s blog is provided in Ed’s essay as well as on this site: see under our links for Blogs: The Rest of the Story.)


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gerry Stonhill

This brilliant man is the first in Oxford to be found guilty of breaking the smoking ban. He has run a unique and famous pub business specialising in Cuban cigars amongst other things. I pay tribute to him and his courageous and principled stand. These are my comments on his actions at the Oxford Mail website:

"I have nothing but admiration and praise for Gerry Stonhill. I don't know him and am not a local. I'm a doctor and I smoke. This is a national issue and I am forced to comment on local news websites because dessent against this fools law is not allowed in this free country! The media are frightened to say anything remotely pro-smoker as the gross amount of public money spent on propaganda has scared the public into hating smokers because of a lie. Passive smoking does not kill or harm anyone. I will vote to going to a warmer country where I can smoke outside in comfort."

You can visit the Oxford Mail by clicking here and then you can add to the praise being heaped by readers from allover the country.


Sunday, April 13, 2008


By Blad Tolstoy

Last Autumn, this site stated confidently that the differently sized person, better known as the fat lady but I am here pandering to PC stupidity, was already singing for Gordon Brown and New Labour.

I am amused then, at present, to read the political pundits who are still making comments to the effect that Brown is “nearing the point of no return.” Bull manure, Brown is long past that point and the fat lady is already in full operatic mode accompanied by Valkyries for him and his party. In fact, short of a number of astronomical blunders by the Tories and it being revealed that David Cameron likes to have sex with horses, New Labour is done, washed up, irreparably kaput – a dead man walking – but how much longer we have to wait for this particular corpse to drop is another matter.

The more interesting political commentators are pointing out that politics goes in cycles and we are now nearing the end of yet another political cycle as New Labour prepares itself to go into opposition. However, what Britain needs, as opposed to just a new political cycle, is a whole new zeitgeist (spirit of the times). Indeed, we need to move away completely from the ethos of the nanny state and its damaging impact on creativity and even a reasonable level of individualism, to being a much more liberal country again.

However, for those who share my sentiments, the outlook is not too bright, for like a triffid, New Labour has left a seeds which are now preparing to take over the country, namely, David Cameron and his “Cameroons”.

Cameron is not only encumbered by much New Labour baggage, he is prepared to maintain some of its subterfuge as well. For example, and with specific reference to smoking bans, not only is Cameron happy to perpetuate the lies about secondary smoke, he and his acolytes are already trying to pretend that the smoking bans are having no serious impact on much of the hospitality and entertainment industries. As someone who knows a lot better, this claim is not only irritating but something which makes me wonder just how long smarmy “Dave” thinks he will be able to maintain the pretence.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Bienvenue Aux Amis Français

By Blad Tolstoy

For those unable to read French the above says: “Welcome to Our French Friends,” and the flag portrayed is the flag of Free France, a totally appropriate emblem as it is freedom for which our fellow combatants in France are fighting.

Yes, our French friends may be comparative latecomers to the battle against smoking bans but they are certainly becoming quite well organised and very rapidly too.

For the benefit of newcomers to the French resistance, here are four interesting French websites:

Le Fumoir >> Europe (if you contact them the site owner speaks very good English):

Nos Libertés (in the defence of liberties generally):

For Shisha fighters, we have this site which is supported by Maître Jacques Verges, one of France’s premier lawyers:

And, this unusual site named Spartaclop, which has a cracking soundtrack for the new arrival to listen to:

Yes, yes, I know many of you don’t speak or read French but there’s no harm in making some acquaintance with our nearest European neighbours. You may even discover some new companions.

Lastly, and to go somewhere nearer to home, you may be pleased to learn that Vivienne Westwood is now also in the fray to protect freedom. This is her site:

You may find Viv’s apparent leanings in favour of global warming a bit of a turn off, but never mind, if she supports the defence of freedom then it’s certainly worth taking a gander at what she’s offering.


Greg Gutfield- Fox News Shock Jock

I loved this short but gripping video. It came to be via my Google News subscription on "Smoking Bans". The transcript is linked here.. but it is much more effective hearing him say it. It may not do our cause much good to adopt a policy of killing "Fat vegetarians", but you can understand where this kind of anger comes from?

I just watched a recording of a "Bill Hicks" gig too and what a damned clever man he was. I must try and find a link to his great work..I 'll get on to that right now!


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sign up for updates

Hi Blog readers

One can only wander at why we blog and why we read blogs but to make it easier for us all I've made up a mechanism for you to keep up to date on our postings. So for all you "fans" who want to know when a new post is up, ready for your eyes and for your comments, enter your email address in the box situated at the top right hand side of the side of our blog. This will mean you will be notified of new posts!

You will have to click on an email link sent to you to verify your human and non-spamming credentials and you will be able to alter the frequency of your updates in the settings of this new facility. The facility is brought to us by Google Groups. This also means that you can find out more about each other and find new chums, what fun this internetery networking can be!

All the very best and keep making those choices!

Phil & Blad


Thought of the Day

Sent in by Lyn Ladds


Olympic Splif

How gratifying to see an enormous flaming splif marching through the streets of London protected by 2,000 of our boys in blue (er..yellow). These streets lined by protesters presumably from many groups. I am confused as to what the fuss is and exactly which protesters have the biggest cause. I am perhaps inclined to support the Tibetan Smoker's Rights Group highlighting the brutal treatment of Tibetan tobacco users.

However, one has to be attracted to the Olympic Smokers Foundation's cause of unity and the peaceful ideals of the smoking olympians. Certainly, many 1,000's of people have gathered to attempt one small sniff of the passive olympian spirit, so difficult nowadays as these occasions are generally difficult to organise indoors. One can't help wandering who gave the permission for the Spliff to remain alight inside planes and public buildings.

I have less sympathy for the environmental protesters who surely can't believe this small fire is destroying the earth or that extinguishing it could make any difference. Naturally ASH were there and demanding that the torch be carried in a hermetically sealed mobile unit with a 100 mile exclusion zone, lest anyone should be able to smell the paraffin. I have to say, on balance, I see this as an excellent demonstration of the absurdity of smoking bans in enclosed public places and am very glad so many smoker's could join the combined protest and celebration.

As for Mr Brown standing shoulder to shoulder with the great weed-packed Olympic splif, one can be excused for a little confusion over his policy with regard canabis classification.

Finally, one can't help remembering that the first time the Olympic Splif was carried, was in Germany in 1937, when one Adolf Hitler instigated it's beginning. How symbolic!


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women"

Quotes from the mouth of Henry Allingham (111) found in The Argus here in April 2006. The Daily Mail reports here today on our oldest surviving man. It glowingly reports on the many honours this noble man has earned. Now of course, if he wants a fag, he has to go outside even from his own home, St Dunstan's care home for blind ex-service personnel.

Is it right, that should Henry deicide he wants a cigarette, he should have to stand out in the cold? Of course not, it's simply a disgrace!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

John Brignell

I just have to draw your attention to this most magnificent piece of writing that The International Smokers Rights Newsletter has drawn to my attention. It is written by John Brignell of the Numberwatch website. I will complete some links tomorrow in this post. But for now I implore you to visit the article using the link below. It is in my opinion, seminal, and will take some time for us all to fully digest. He even covers the fuss over plastic bags. To tempt you, here is the introduction:

"Every age has its dominant caste. This is the age of the zealot. Twenty years ago they were dismissed as cranks and fanatics, but now they are licensed to interfere in the every day lives of ordinary people to an unprecedented degree. When Bernard Levin first identified the new phenomenon of the SIFs (Single Issue Fanatics) many of us thought it was a bit of a joke or at most an annoyance. Now the joke is on us. In that short time they have progressed from being an ignorable nuisance to what is effectively a branch of government. They initiate legislation and prescribe taxation. They form a large and amorphous collection of groups of overlapping membership, united and defined by the objects of their hatred (industry, tobacco, alcohol, adiposity, carbon, meat, salt, chemicals in general, radio waves, field sports etc.) Their success in such a short time has been one of the most remarkable phenomena in the whole of human history."

Here is the link: READ THIS!


Sorry girls but soon your bodies won’t be your own

By Blad Tolstoy - Our new women's interests columnist!

We have informed our readers before that the march against alcohol is well under way. We know this because the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (the “charitable” arm of Johnson & Johnson) now spends as much money promoting alcohol prohibition as it used to on promoting smoking bans. American not-for-profits have to, by law, publish all the recipients of their donations and what those donations are for. We have amongst our colleagues, I shall add, those who take a keen interest in caching all this information in order to make sure the rest of us are well aware of what is going on.

Now we are already familiar in Europe and the UK with the fact that moves are afoot to restrict the use of alcohol but to-day (26th March 2008) that particular crusade took another step. Indeed, The Daily Telegraph reported that the government’s health “watchdog” has warned that pregnant women should drink no alcohol at all despite no evidence that that the occasional glass is harmful. This may come as no surprise as New Labour frequently provides no figures, or reliable figures anyway, to support its claims, although it never has any difficulty making them up when it needs to.

What is surprising, however, is that so many women to-day are just prepared to go along with these “dictats” believing, as a large number of them do, so many of the health scares that are put about by cranky health crusaders who have the ear of government.

This particular warning to women is nevertheless rather sinister, in that, we now have the government telling women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies when pregnant. We wonder how long it will be before both smoking and drinking when pregnant actually become crimes although enforcing any legal measures in this direction will be difficult. However, having said that, we have already noted proposals in America amongst certain health extremists to do just that and wonder how long it will be before such proposals turn up here.

What is disappointing though is that Britain, like America, has so many former bra burners who campaigned for women’s rights, but now, many of those same women have either lost the gumption or the will to preserve their adult autonomy in the face of the current and overwhelming onslaught on freedom of choice.

This current development is particularly unsavoury as it means that when pregnant a woman’s body will no longer belong to her but to the will and control of the state.

Time to march again ladies, for rights and freedoms are not something which once won are won forever. Life is a fight and likewise the maintenance and preservation of freedom is a permanent struggle and not a liberation which just happened once in the 1960s and 70s.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Magazine Introduction and Review

By Blad Tolstoy

We are delighted to announce the first issue of BARF Promotions new product: The Wanker Magazine, coming in on the market at £12.

A startling magazine which in its first issue deals with the loony position of the current Tory Party with regard to smoking bans. We refer, of course to the fact that Simon Clark of Forest was asked by an e-mail from the Conservative Party to: “mobilise smokers to vote Conservative.”

(See: Why I would NEVER vote for Cameron's Conservatives;

Aside from the fact that Forest is not in the position to mobilise the smoking vote, most of us are left gasping at the outright stupidity of the request. Dave and the shadow cabinet are intent on maintaining the same subterfuge about secondary smoke as New Labour and, subsequently, maintaining a bad law (the 2006 Health Act) based on medical fraud. The fact that this law and the antismoking movement between them have been responsible for the closures of, and financial damage to, many pubs, clubs and bingo halls (and other establishments), discrimination towards smokers in employment and social segregation from their friends, seems to have left Dave and Co completely cold. Basically, what they are doing is expecting smokers to vote for them whilst taking the same old shit from them as from New Labour. Some hopes, of course, and its time Dave and his chums grew up. We therefore applaud and welcome BARF Promotions’ excellent and punchy new magazine and hope that it will sell really well.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Psychiatric patients launch High Court test case

The last part of the smoking ban comes into force on 1st July 2008. After that distressed mentally unwell people, detained in psychiatric hospitals will have their smoking facility taken away. Some are not allowed outside, for their own safety, so will have no choice but to stop smoking. Of course, it is more likely that they will attempt to conceal their smoking. This could either set their bedding on fire or cause conflict with their carers who will be expected to enforce the ban.

Noone I know thinks this is just, compassionate or sensible. Psychiatric nurses are definitely not in favour. Visit this article online here and join with me and BobReal-Martinez in commenting on this issue and suppporting the patients stand.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Three Stooges…And D’Artagnan (or Who am I really?)

By Blad Tolstoy

Considering the dire political choice facing the British electorate to-day, there is little to look forward to. We have our three main political parties – New Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives - which are inept and unrepresentative and each one led by what can best be described as a stooge, although many people’s description of these three “honourable” gentlemen might be even less complimentary.

Under the circumstances, I found my mind wondering how each of these leaders may best be simply summed up. As I began the task of outlining a sketch for New Labour’s Gordon Brown some secret information was given to me by friends in MI5 and MI6. Subsequently, I was flabbergasted to learn that the real Brown was abducted by aliens from Zog, who were very keen to learn the esoteric art of bagpipe farting back in 1985.

Aghast that one of their rising stars should have been so cruelly removed, the Labour Party turned to their contacts in the Soviet Union who sent them a former general and economic advisor in the Russian army named Ivan Taxitoff. Taxitoff underwent substantial facial surgery but we have been lucky to obtain a photograph of him dressed in army uniform in pre-Glasnost days. Now we know why Brown’s economic strategies are as they are and why we have been lumbered with a large inefficient and unwieldy bureaucracy: it’s a case of Marxist economics.

The case of Nick Clegg of the Liberal (mirthless laugh) Democrats was more complex and contrary to what the reader might think. Indeed, this was the man who ordered his MPs to abstain from voting on a referendum for the European constitution. Deservedly, a number of them defied him, making him look very stupid (which he is).

The easy descriptive comparison of Clegg is as follows:

I apologise to Cadbury’s for using a picture of one of their “Flakes” (for at least I’d buy one of those as they’re rather nice) but theirs were the only flakes I could find pictures of.

However, I cannot leave matters at this point for I have begun to wonder if Nick Clegg is, in fact, really the Conservatives’ David Cameron in disguise. Now see this first picture here of Clegg and compare it with the next one of Cameron:

A striking resemblance you must agree which leads us to consider the reason why there may seem so little difference between them at times. Also, does it explain the reason why Cameron seems so totally mixed up as to what he wants to present to the country in the way of policies? It’s a mystery.

As I moved on with my musing I next tried to find an image which truly encapsulated the spirit of Cameron. I was having difficulty until there it was, staring down at me from the wall at work. Here is “Dave” as he really is:

Well, that about sums up the three stooges, but maybe matters could be worse and you could be French, in which case you’d be saddled with “D’Artagnon” Sarkozy. Aside from the fact he has a fixed grin like Tony Blair (with whom he is pictured here) this bumbling and dithering Gallic gent has managed to go from being very popular to being intensely disliked in six months. This leaves us in no doubt that he is really Inspector Clouseau. On the other hand, maybe he’s really Tony Blair. After all, don’t they both speak French?

Quelle dommage!