Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gerry Stonhill

This brilliant man is the first in Oxford to be found guilty of breaking the smoking ban. He has run a unique and famous pub business specialising in Cuban cigars amongst other things. I pay tribute to him and his courageous and principled stand. These are my comments on his actions at the Oxford Mail website:

"I have nothing but admiration and praise for Gerry Stonhill. I don't know him and am not a local. I'm a doctor and I smoke. This is a national issue and I am forced to comment on local news websites because dessent against this fools law is not allowed in this free country! The media are frightened to say anything remotely pro-smoker as the gross amount of public money spent on propaganda has scared the public into hating smokers because of a lie. Passive smoking does not kill or harm anyone. I will vote to going to a warmer country where I can smoke outside in comfort."

You can visit the Oxford Mail by clicking here and then you can add to the praise being heaped by readers from allover the country.