Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reply to anti

I draughted this to a message I got on SagaZone, thought it would interest those looking for things to say to people who disagree with us...

Interesting thoughts and thanks for taking the trouble to jot them down. It does look like a jolly good spamming attempt from an anti-smoker but thanks for letting me know it wasn't your intention.

Thank you for drawing the possibility of some inappropriate language on my blog to my attention. I would not want to offend and so I would be most grateful if you could point this out to me more specifically. I am afraid I have not been able to identify the offending comments.

Naturally, I have heard all your stated views before and sometimes agonise about how best to comment. In considering a reply I first have to consider my motivation. Am I driven by a need to "stand up for myself" or do I strive to correct your narrow minded and closed thinking? Neither of these fit the bill, I decide. In writing what I write, I am simply expressing my personal views. You will be surprised to hear, views welcomed my many. These are the views of a libertarian at heart, someone who firmly believes in the right to choose and the views of a pure scientist. I have no political mind or inclination but the "passive smoking" phenomenon, invented by the WHO and peddled by ASH, SCOTH, HMG and the BMA rancours with me. It is the blatant and fully admitted use of propaganda, the prostitution of science and the unilateral imposition of a state of victimisation of a minority group. This minority group harms no one and breaks no laws until the laws are drafted to infringe upon their lifestyle.

I am sorry that your views are dichotomous to mine and that you felt the need to draw this to my attention, however, they are your views and although I would argue with you I respect your right to state them.

My profession is a caring one and does not support the dehumanisation of anyone. My smoking patients and non-smoking patients all receive the greatest of compassion. The last thing on their mind is whether a whiff of tobacco comes their way.

I naturally express my condolences over your losses, but if you wish to blame smoking for them, then you might find the grieving process less bearable than simply accepting that we all die and we all make our choices.

Please feel free to reply but do not if you simply intend to repeat your views.

Best regards