Sunday, September 25, 2005

Anti-Smoker's Brains

I have become quite freindly via email with Michael J. McFadden. He is the Author of "Dissecting Anti-Smoker's Brains". I bought it and read it and I have to say it is well worth owning. It a great read and its is a comprehensive resource of information. I understand Michael took 2-3 years researching and writing his book and after reading it you have to be very thankful he made the effort. It will be very useful for all smoker's in the UK over the next few years. Thanks Michael. I have placed a link on the left to two of his important websites.



Hi! Back from hols in Florida. Very warm.
Florida one of the Anti-smoker's Capitals of the world.
Still..survived. Florida International Airport or McCoy Int Airport must be avoided by all smokers. You can smoke outside arrivals on the kerbside of the pavement. There are no seats so we just sit on the floor waiting for our plane to board. I suggest Sanford Airport!!

In Florida all polite smokers should be aware of the many methods of improvising ashtrays so that safe and tidy disposal can be assured. My photo shows the T-bag method. Another is to collect a spare takeaway cup and decant some coffee into it. We all know how the discarded soda can can be very helpful, don't forget to trash it so you know no-one will drink out of it again.