Saturday, December 20, 2008

Attending the TICAP Conference

By Blad Tolstoy

By now, many of you will have been reading about the TICAP Conference on 27th and 28th January in the European parliament in Brussels. If not, then go here:

It is important that as many people as possible make an effort to attend this event because however many wonderful things we have up our sleeves, they will not be very effective unless the conference room is full, well, more than that, it needs to be packed to the rafters for maximum impact!

(See the same page above to download both the conference invitation and to undertake your online registration.)

Yes, we have inquiries and participants from as far afield as The Gambia and Croatia, but you need to make the effort to attend too, because by doing so, then this time YOU really can make a difference!

See here for reference:

Don't hang back, step up to the mark!

I thank you!