Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bad Science

Ben Goldacre has a glorious post on "big pharma" and the threat of pill adverts. You have to register to comment and I have. Ben's blog on bad science is a worthy and very interesting read but he steers clear of pillerying the smoke science we hate. He's a doc and that wouldn't be right! Why not pay a visit, register and join me in commenting on this post.

This link takes you straight there...Bad Science.


18 Doughty Street

This is a video clip from 18 Doughty Street, the Internet TV Channel. It is entitled "Vox Pop: Is the Smoking Ban a Good Thing?"

"Lisse Garnett asks people on the street, smokers and non-smokers, if they believe that the smoking ban coming into ban on the 1st July is a good thing. See the ensuring discussion amongst the Vox Politix panel, including Simon Clark of FOREST here"
It features members of the public giving their views on Smoking Bans. I find it very entertaining. There are some very good responses. To see the clip you'll have to click on Play twice.

To visit 18 Doughty Street click on the title of this post or here. I think it's quite a promising little venture.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Smoking Ban Anniversary

Gerald Warner in Scotland on Sunday does a nice job of summarising our position on erosion of freedoms.

Read the article...


Saturday, March 24, 2007


Bob Feal-Martinez was on Sky News and I saw a short snip last night. He did look good in his cable knit aran sweater and you have to say he came across very well indeed. Unfortunately Sky edited him into a clip with Caroline Flint spouting all the government's lies. However it was a lot more balanced than anything the BBC has allowed as yet.

Bob Feal-Martinez
Thanks and well done Bob, Lol and F2C.

There was even a mention in The Sun on page 31, in which Jaswinder Gill and the Judicial Review were announced. Perhaps you eagle eyed bloggers, who read the other papers could update us on where else we appeared? It certainly was a big day for the pro-choice movement.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Word Up!

This just tickled me so I share it!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dying for a drink

My mate Dave is in a hospice on his last legs. He's 62 and has had Multiple Sclerosis for ages. He also has bone spread from prostate cancer.
Dave has been an inspiration during his journey towards his existance as a head. he now can't swallow without drowning a bit and is on loads of drugs for bone pain
When he wakes from his sleep he says "water, water!" and the nurses say we can't give him any because he might choke.
This terminal care in this country is quite deranged, I think. Anyway, I gave him some water and he didn't choke.


Friday, March 16, 2007

More Rubbish

The government says household waste lying on the streets for a fortnight does not pose a health risk. The RATS laughed, played and munched but refused to comment. There is apparently no cost saving agenda and council tax will increase. No doubt to off set the improvement in rodent health. Rats will require less healthcare and waiting lists will decrease even further. Plans for a rats to be offered quit smoking assistance have been greatly exagerated.

Fairly definite evidence, I say, that the government hasn't quite got its facts straight again and believe we are stupid.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mobile Phone Ban

Apparently mobile phones no longer interfer with medical equipment. Wonders never cease. Another scare come safe! Patients are now allowed to use their mobile phones in hospitals. The undoubted benefits in keeping contact with loved ones at a time of need can now be recognised. The quite remarkable benefit to doctors and people who need to contact them may soon be recognised and they too will be "allowed" to use them. This could be the single most important improvement in the health service possible. Why have we been putting up with the madness of mobile phone bans in hospitals?

2004 The Register

2007 15th March The Sun

Fascinating how things work out. There is a repeating theme of misinformation leading important decisions. If only we could have predicted this...Oh, we could! LOL!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

National No-Smoking Day

My day was mostly spent smoking cigarettes and watching other people smoking. Most enjoyable. Just realised it was St Nanny's Day. Ha!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Todays Smoking Ban Rant

What concerns me is the level of deceit in government and the possible gullibility of the public. The latest example of spin doctoring was the publicity given to GP's salaries grooming public opinion before announcing derisory pay rises for NHS employees.

Currently we have the public being groomed for the smoking ban by the quite scandalous misinformation contained in the publically funded TV advert campaign. Millions of pounds of money that would be best directed into healthcare is being spent peddling blatant lies about the dangers of environmental tobacco smoke. Even more concern is raised when you appreciate that these adverts are intended to frighten people.

We also have to listen to a so-called "green" mantra from Mr Web Cameron proposing pointless taxes on flying with him believing that he will secure more "green" voters.

Green they will be if they are taken in and green you certainly are if you believe there is anything factual behind this passive smoking nonsense.


Friday, March 09, 2007

How I Quit Smoking Video

A little bit of a laugh but with a deep message?
I've had this sent to me a couple of times but I thought some of you may not have seen it. So just for a laugh...Click this...How I quit smoking!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Passive Smoking TV Adverts

Open letter to the Secretary of State for Health

Dear Mrs Hewitt

I wish to compliment you and your government department for the excellent use of national and specifically NHS funds on the new Television "Take The Piss Out of Scientists" Comedy campaign you have recently launched.

It is so reassuring that satire is now recognised as such an important part of British Culture and I have no doubt that the production quality will result in a place in the nominations for a British Academy of Film & Television Arts Award.

It would be just indeed if this attracted sponsorship and became self funding through further exposure. Hopefully you have secured intellectual copyright and will soon be receiving royalties, inevitably leading to tax cuts. As a suggestion I might propose a reduction in tobacco tax especially as smokers will now be rushing to vote labour at every opportunity.

Thank you for exploding the myth that proclaims that cigarette smoke smells and can be seen. My sympathies are with the poor misguided fools that believed coughing and waving their arms was indeed protective. The scaremongers that instilled this fear of smoke should surely be hanged or made to serve their community in smoke filled bars. At least now the overstretched health service will see far less overuse injuries of the arms in asthmatics, and maybe less anaphylaxis from wasp stings this summer, as the flailing is more appropriately directed towards our yellow and black striped nemesis. I am sure it is the logical conclusion that short clips will soon expose the fraudulent science behind the erroneous link between environmental tobacco smoke and harm in non-smokers.

The scientific community will forever be indebted to your extreme intelligence and I wish you well in developing your unique style of presentation. You never know with this pivotal success you may indeed be seen as a credible politician. Best of luck with that.

Yours ever so sincerely

Dr PD Button


Sunday, March 04, 2007

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Passive Smoking

"The advert, which runs from Monday, shows dark smoke curling around guests at a wedding to demonstrate that 85% of smoke is invisible and odourless."
"The ad, which will run on TV, online, in the press and on posters, makes it clear that wafting away smoke does nothing to reduce the effect of passive smoking"

Quotes from the BBC today commenting on the latest NHS money resourced anti-smoker adverts and good news for all citizens.

We need not worry about the smoke because not only do we know that it doesn't harm anyone but we now know it is invisible and doesn't smell. 85% is a pretty convincing figure, I think you'll agree, especially compared with the epidemiological fraud of relative risk ratios less than 2. More evidence that those who complain about the smell are mistaken!

More evidence that the flailing arms of the neurotic ant-smoker is just attention seeking behaviour which serves no practical function but to warn others that the sufferer is indeed unstable! Stop trying to waft the odourless, invisible chemicals away they are going to get you anyway. Whats more you're exposing yourself to the risk of repetitive strain injury. I suggest you at least use your left arm as we know your right am is already overused!

Furthermore a letter from a friend!...

Year on year before our ban, sales of tobacco products were falling in Ireland and nobody considered that a big deal. Yet again this morning a tobacco company is celebrating their sales in Ireland, (late last year P.J. Carroll recorded an increase of 4.5% in sales) as per the article below. In the same newspaper this morning they also report another incidence of cigarette smuggling through Dublin Airport. Last year, Customs & Excise seized 17.5 million euros of smuggled tobacco products coming into the country which they estimate is less than 10% of the total amount getting through. There's no mistake, the ban has made it "cool & fashionable" to smoke and the more they rant on about it, the bigger the problem becomes.
John Mallon