Tuesday, December 25, 2007

National Smoking Day

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hundreds if not thousands of venues are already breaking the law outright or with illegal smoking areas and others plan to join them on New Year's Eve. Some illegal smoking areas have better facilities than the pubs they are connected to. Help force the government to backtrack and save the jobs that are being lost every week because of the smoking ban. National Smoking Day has decided to show the government that we demand respect. Sadly we have to face civil disobedience on New Year's Eve as the only choice left. They will not engage with us in any way.

We have support in 413 towns and cities across the UK to date. We are at the tipping point. Let's make it a more miserable winter for the government; let's stop these attacks on our society before others who don’t conform to a government ideal have to face persecution to the same extent; let's stop a dictatorial government meddling. One week is enough to make the difference.
If you visit our website you will find some recent press about National Smoking Day, our list of recommended actions and our latest press release. Anything you can do to distribute the information will go leaps and bounds towards us achieving this noble aim.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year,

James Wilson
Frederique Dupont
National Smoking DayE: info@nationalsmokingday.com
Please visit our website at: http://www.nationalsmokingday.com/Support National Smoking Day on 31st December 2007


Friday, December 21, 2007

Reading the Mind of a Weak Government:

By Blad Tolstoy

Many years ago whilst a martial arts student, I remember my instructor telling us that those who bully the weak show themselves to be weak.

This is one of those lessons that has stayed with me and I reflect upon it frequently when I consider how often this government directs the forces of law and order to persecute law abiding citizens whilst ignoring the actions of dangerous criminals.

Smokers, of course, have been an easy target as our most hypocritical Executive tries to court cheap popularity by victimising them whilst enjoying the enormous contribution the latter make to the treasury.

In the last couple of days, many of us have noted that fact that Nu-Labour now intends to make driving whilst holding a mobile phone an offence punishable by imprisonment. Most of us, however, can see what will follow, as this will provide a "perfect" excuse (well, it will be perfect in the thinking of the feeble-minded) to apply the same penalty to those people who choose to smoke and drive.

For those unacquainted with the details, according to the AAA study, which is one of the largest ever undertaken, smoking at the wheel is the lowest cause of accidents, lower, in fact, than not just mobile phone use but also talking to others and fiddling with radios.

See here, page 12:


Note too, that smoking comes out as the lowest cause of accidents on both sets of data, and n the CDS data, which is the result of a far longer study using a larger number of people, it egisters at just 0.9%.

Of course, technicalities such as this are of no interest to a dishonest and inept government because it just likes easy targets so it can fool itself into thinking it's doing a great job.

What a pity, however, that the government has not yet cottoned on to the fact that smokers have now become militant. Then, add to the smokers, who are becoming increasingly irate, all those people whose businesses have and will be damaged by the smoking bans, and you have a very large group of people who will not be voting Labour at the next election. In fact, far more than enough to wipe Labour off the political map as a significant force. Moreover, if after all the damage it has caused, the government thinks it will then be able to salve the pain by some kind of sop or buy-off in the future, it can forget it. Memories are long. We shall nurture them and we shall enjoy our revenge cold...The very best way to do so!
Poll puts Tories 12 points ahead of Labour


See also this one by Anthony King:

Gordon Brown is staring at election meltdown



Wednesday, December 19, 2007

International Meetings - An Update

By Blad Tolstoy

I have already reported that international meetings are now taking place via Skype between a number of different countries from around the world in order to develop a successful global strategy to tackle the antis.

Considering that we don't have the antis' fat pharma and tax payer funded budgets this is quite remarkable, in that, the level of agreement plus the time, effort and co-ordination people are willing to input is quite substantial, indicating that we are truly a grass roots movement whereas the antis are not. Indeed, the latter are imposed upon us by mendacious zealots and certain medical professionals who long ago overstepped their remit, believing it is their role to dictate to us how we should live life as opposed to assisting us to enjoy it as best we can and to our own satisfaction and choice.

So, for the record, the participating countries for the last two Sundays (9th and 16th December) have been:

9th December: England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and USA.
Apologies: France and Rep of Ireland, Canada.

16th December: England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Italy, Germany, Austria, USA and Canada.
Apologies: France, Rep of Ireland, Spain and Denmark.

Our Skype facility can only take nine participants at any one time but this facility will be extended early next year to accommodate more countries and we look forward to including yet more of our European neighbours and transatlantic friends.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bereavement - A cause of anti-smoking behaviour.

It is with some trepidation that I post on this subject, however I feel it is better not to ignore the anonymous comment on my earlier post linking to Enstrom's new paper. The poster's comment raises issues that are of importance to the cause of the pro-choice minded individual, but also are germane to the bereaved. It is a known phenomenum that the anti-smoker will post bogus remarks such as these but I will assume that this posters situation is genuine.

The process of emotional upheaval after the death of a loved one has been the subject of much analysis over a long period of time. Psychological opinion breaks done the turmoil into several sections and variably suggests that for the process to run a complete course leading to resolution these stages must be traversed. Some experts believe that the order is not set in stone and that some of the processes may need revisiting or iteration.

These processes theoretically lead to solutions for the all too overwhelming emotions of "Guilt", "Sadness", "Loss", "Anger" and "Blame" to mention a few. The negative and powerful emotions brought by the feelings of guilt, anger and blame are often too easily dealt with more immediately by assuming or assigning a "scapegoat"; an easy peg to hang the blame on; a person or concept to explain the unpleasant event.

Commomly health professionals see this manifest as anger directed at them and are trained to deal with this as compassionately as possible. Guilt, usually wholely inappropriate, is natural and it is the case that, sometimes, the only way to deflect this guilt is to search for an outside source for fault. If the bereaved smoked, as a result of 50 years of public health information, it is reasonable to think that this habit may have contributed to the death of the individual. However, some go further than this and blame tobacco, the tobacco industry, smoking, the bereaved for smoking and even other smokers for the event and furthermore find it difficult to pass onward from this position. The position harbouring and nurturing feelings of guilt, blame and anger.

It is my belief that this can halt the bereavement process and if such a process is mandatory for for resolution, then the bereaved persons life is scarred for eternity. A very well known example of this is the family, friends and fans of Roy Castle. He didn't smoke and so it is the misinformation of the WHO, who probably awoke this idea that his exposure to ETS was to blame. My anonymous commenter is another one although early in the process.

For the pro-choice protagonists reading it is well recognised that this phenomenon contributes to the numbers of anti-smokers as detailed by Michael J McFadden in his book, "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains".

My mother died a year ago on the 9th December and my personal experience of loss has naturally coloured my views, as has a very considerable experience of contact with the bereaved. My mother died of ovarian cancer and was a smoker for a short period of her life. She accepted her lot with consumate dignity, there is a family history. My guilt was immediate as the symptoms had been present for a good year or so before diagnosis. This is however a well recognised problem with ovarian cancer. I am helped by this and knowledge of the poor treatment results for this condition. I am resolved to accept that death is an inevitable consequence of life and can fondly remember my mother for her strength, support and her smile. I could blame multitudes of health professionals who had contact with her in the year before diagnosis but this would serve no purpose. I could blame her for not making more fuss. However, there is no blame, it was and always is inevitable that we will die and I prefer to praise the care she received and her heroic attitude.

I'll conclude for now, and hope that if this post causes any discussion, it is constructive.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Passive Smoking - Enstrom

Oh, for principled epidemiologists. Hot off the press, Enstroms answer to his critics. The evidence surely is clear - Environmental Tobacco Smoke does NO harm!

Here is a link to his document which is a pdf file so you can save it and read it later!!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

National Smoking Day

National Smoking Day


Monday, December 10, 2007

Mirror Forum Thread

Smoking BansExcellent thread going on The Mirror's forum in the "What are we talking about" section. Lots of nice people to chat to and a few antis, who are not two bad either. Your challenge, should you accept it, is too keep this thread at the top of the forum section.

This message will not self destruct.


Oh! There's a vote too at http://forums.mirror.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=30461


Monday, December 03, 2007

Something New and Different Is Happening

By Blad Tolstoy

Something new and different is happening.

For the last two Sundays - the 25th November and 2nd December respectively - there have commenced international link ups, via Skype, of different groups of pro-choice activists from around the world in order to plan ways of collaborating and working together to combat the tyranny of the anti-smoker movement.

This will now become a regular feature as our organisations recognise the need for a more effective pooling of resources and the implementation of more rigourous discipline in our effort to achieve common goals.

On the 25th November, the countries represented were:

Holland, Italy, UK, Germany, Denmark, France and USA.

On the 2nd December, the countries represented were:

Holland, Italy, UK, Germany, Denmark, Austria, France, USA and Canada.

More national representatives are lined up to join the discussions and we look forward to some positive results.

Blad Tolstoy.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Wilting of Integrity

Would you Adam and Eve it? Three doctors discussing integrity in science one of 'em is yours truly. It's 48 minutes long and I have not had the chance to listen to the result yet.

However, it must be the prime objective of all visitors to click the link below and listen in. Why not let us know what you think?

Gian Turci's Roundtable discussion: "The Wilting of Integrity"