Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Electronic Cigarette Review

Yes folks, I'm trying a new electronic cigarette. It looks like a cigarette, it tastes like a cigarette and it drags like a cigarette, get one! The only bone I would pick with the manufacturers is that they are claiming it could be used as a quit smoking aid. I'm not convinced, but it certainly works as means of irritating antis. It produces enough water vapour to make it look like you are breaking the law, but you are not smoking tobacco! I'm already producing coughs in perfectly well strangers and that's real fun. I'm looking forward to "lighting up" on the aeroplane and my local hotel is going to see me eating in for the first time in ages.

They only make a realistic cigar and pipe as well and the cartridges with the nicotine in come in a host of different flavours and strengths for the tobacco flavours. Naturally I'm on the strong ones!

Take a trip to the web site and see how much money you could save if you did reduce your real fag intake with this device. Better still buy it and get your own back!