Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gaunty Suspended

Simon Clark blogs on the shameful suspension by Talksport of Jon Gaunt for standing up to a Nazi Bigot. Some of my views are covered here with a reproduction of my comments:

I am a long time observer of the different views held by the pro-choice organisations. In summary, I believe it would be fare to say that Simon, on behalf of Forest has always advocated discretion in language and presentation and that others have expressed concern that the anti's need less respect, indeed more contempt.

This is a classic example of how a display of contempt can only do our cause good. With respect to Simon, I fully appreciate his argument, Jon Gaunt has, as a result of his passionate expression of his beliefs achieved excellent press at some personal risk. I applaud him for this stand and fully endorse Simon's stand on his behalf.

Unfortunately, Gaunty was not so outspoken when it came to the smoking ban introduction. His Sun column was quite derisory towards the plight of smokers at this time. He did come across, on that occasion, as an anti-smoker. He did not appreciate how the power hungry anti-smoking movement would invade his own area of comfort. To this, I say "told you so Gaunty!" with some relish.

Could we please note, how important it is to join forces, and to stop pussy-footing around these NAZI zealots. We need passion like Gaunt to get noticed.

To visit Simon's Taking Liberties Blog and join in suporting Gaunty click here.