Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hamish Howitt - My hero


F2C Hacked

They're getting scared!! A communication from Colin Grainger:

The Freedom to Choose website has been attacked. Hackers attempted to shut us down and now the hosts are investigating. The site will remain down until all parties are satisfied that the threat has been removed. Our site is hosted by the same people that host the Forces site. It is interesting to note that the hackers bypassed Forces to close down F2C.Its a backhanded compliment. We are upsetting some people. Enough for them to take extreme action against us. I wonder what we said that hit home?Maryetta Ables (Forces President), just called me to give me the update, but she was unable to say when normal service would be resumed.Please can you distribute this note to as many people as you can so that they are aware it is a malicious attack.

Many thanks,Colin.



By Bad Blad Tolstoy

Ah well, ASH and their cronies in the British Heart Foundation are at it again and this time it's banning the sale of cigarettes through vending machines. The pretext? Why, protecting the tiny tots again!

Yes, ASH and the BHF claim that one in six child smokers get their fags from vending machines. How on earth they can know this beats most people as no-one has been recorded spending hours watching vending machines to count how many youngsters buy from them, and even if they did, how would they know it was one in six?

In fact, Simon Clark of Forest, in his blog - Taking Liberties - makes these points:
"Are they seriously suggesting that over 50,000 children regularly march in to pubs, clubs and hotels with the correct money (£5.80) and walk off with their booty without being stopped? It doesn't make sense, bearing in mind that cigarettes from a vending machine are as expensive as you can get; there are rules about the siting of vending machines; and allowing children to use them is illegal (and potentially costly for the proprietor)."

Indeed, as Clark indicates, this is more to do with continuing the process of denormalising smoking and, as usual, it appears that any old statistics can be made up to support this latest move on behalf of the anti life enjoyment brigade. This wonderful crowd of prohibitionists has lied continuously about the dangers of secondary smoke and without those lies their campaign would never have got off the ground. The damage it has caused has been substantial worldwide with the hospitality sector in the UK already hard hit by the effects of the smoking bans in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Add to this the vicious campaign of hate against smokers promoted by these sub-human evangelicals, and you have elderly people and people who have defended their country sent out in the cold to smoke and catch pneumonia and bronchitis, patients in hospitals having to drag themselves in wheelchairs and dragging drips over busy roads, hard working nursing staff and doctors denied easy access to a convenient spot for a quick puff, patients refused operations for non-smoking related ailments, people loosing jobs or being denied job interviews and a general air of social division amongst many people who would once have never had a problem being friends.

And then of course, there is the outright corruption of medical science as smoking is blamed for every sickness and malady under the sun, and frequently, wrongly.

In saner times this anti-smoker brigade would not have been tolerated. In fact, after all the lies they have told they should not be now, for some of these people deserve to spend time in jail.

Lock 'em up, I say! Lock 'em up and throw away the key!