Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Coalition Grows

By Blad Tolstoy

I am pleased to announce that the full list of organisations which are now on the Coalition list, or who took part in the recent Summit in Holland at which the Aldebaran Treaty was signed, has grown and will continue to do so. They are, to date:

Ban the Ban Winconsin,
Citizens Against Government Encroachment (Canada),
DaRy (Denmark),
Forces Germany,
Forces Holland,
Forces International,
Forces Italy,
Freedom to Choose Scotland,
Freedom to Choose (UK),
Jean Nicot (Belgium),
Liberté de Choisir (France),
My Choice (Canada),
Pennsylvania Smokers' Action Network,
Serving Freedom (International/USA),
Sleepwalk Prison (UK and France),
Smokers' Interest (Holland),
Swan Hospitality Limited (UK),
The Danish Smokers' Party,
The Dutch Association of Coffee Shops,
The Dutch Party Against Nannyism,
The German Party Against Nannyism (BmB),
The Hungarian Smokers' Society,
The Smoker's Club (USA).

This list does not include the names of individuals, mainline political parties and MEPs who are supporting and/or showing an interest.

This is the beginning, now let's unleash the whirlwind!