Sunday, October 26, 2008

The dangers of passive smoking!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is Cancer Caused By A Fungus?

By Blad Tolstoy

In this article I would like to introduce you to the work of Dr Tullio Simoncini (pictured left)who was the founder of Forces Italy.

Simoncini, an oncologist, is an interesting and controversial man who believes, contrary to current respectable thinking, that cancer is, in fact, caused by the fungus Candida. The current fundamental theory is that cancer is caused by a genetic disorder resulting in the over production of cancerous cells. Simoncini says that this theory is wrong.

Unlike many proposals concerning the causes of cancer which depend on rather flimsy and unreliable analysis provided by epidemiology, Simoncini's"proofs" are simple, elegant, physical and very direct and I would like you to view this film (split into three parts) on YouTube. Here, Simoncini demonstrates that cancer may be cured by the use of bicarbonate of soda:

1- Sodium bicarbonate, a natural way to treat the cancer

2- Sodium bicarbonate, a natural way to treat the cancer

3- Sodium bicarbonate, a natural way to treat the cancer

Please take the trouble to watch this video in its entirety as it is extremely interesting and informative.

Lastly, it is worth discovering that because he has stepped out of line with the medical
establishment, Simoncini has suffered substantial harassment and castigation. Read here:

Is Cancer Caused by the Candida Fungus?
Interview with Doctor Tullio Simoncini
by Emma Holister

It is indeed a shame that the medical establishment is incapable of considering radical alternative viewpoints without behaving in such a negative and counter-productive manner. Just what are they afraid of?


MATT Cartoons

To-day (18/10/08) The Daily Telegraph celebrated 20 years of the work of the cartoonist Matt. I have taken a small selection of those works (which I thought would be most appropriate for this site) for the readers to view. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Global Wanking Crisis

Wankers in the titty have messed up and the covenant of dickheads have pissed our money all over 'em. Like all of you I ain't got the faintest idea wot's going on. Anyway, the wank of england has made an emergency cut in the base rate. I've got a good mind to get straight onto the new watch dogs, CummOn, CummOff(IT) and PistOff. If you ask me this smacks of suits with big gambling problems. They've spent all my pension money and now they've been given all my tax revenue to feed their habit. I am mystified as to why ASH hasn't blaimed passive smoking. If anyone thinks they know what recession, depression or economic growth are, now's the time to let it out. Can anyone translate all this shite into CHINESE or ICELANDIC for us, that might be easier to grasp.


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Friday, October 03, 2008

Cigarette Packet Images

A bit of colour at last, but we still have to put up with the big white squares with "Smoking Kills" in them.  Funny that, perhaps the powers that be are not that sure we'll be rushing to pack up.  I know I shall be collecting the whole set.  Which reminds me, I just had to show you the following link to "The Spoof", apparently it has upset some of our wanky, criminal, sanctimonious, do-gooder aquaintenances.