Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sign up for updates

Hi Blog readers

One can only wander at why we blog and why we read blogs but to make it easier for us all I've made up a mechanism for you to keep up to date on our postings. So for all you "fans" who want to know when a new post is up, ready for your eyes and for your comments, enter your email address in the box situated at the top right hand side of the side of our blog. This will mean you will be notified of new posts!

You will have to click on an email link sent to you to verify your human and non-spamming credentials and you will be able to alter the frequency of your updates in the settings of this new facility. The facility is brought to us by Google Groups. This also means that you can find out more about each other and find new chums, what fun this internetery networking can be!

All the very best and keep making those choices!

Phil & Blad