Sunday, April 13, 2008


By Blad Tolstoy

Last Autumn, this site stated confidently that the differently sized person, better known as the fat lady but I am here pandering to PC stupidity, was already singing for Gordon Brown and New Labour.

I am amused then, at present, to read the political pundits who are still making comments to the effect that Brown is “nearing the point of no return.” Bull manure, Brown is long past that point and the fat lady is already in full operatic mode accompanied by Valkyries for him and his party. In fact, short of a number of astronomical blunders by the Tories and it being revealed that David Cameron likes to have sex with horses, New Labour is done, washed up, irreparably kaput – a dead man walking – but how much longer we have to wait for this particular corpse to drop is another matter.

The more interesting political commentators are pointing out that politics goes in cycles and we are now nearing the end of yet another political cycle as New Labour prepares itself to go into opposition. However, what Britain needs, as opposed to just a new political cycle, is a whole new zeitgeist (spirit of the times). Indeed, we need to move away completely from the ethos of the nanny state and its damaging impact on creativity and even a reasonable level of individualism, to being a much more liberal country again.

However, for those who share my sentiments, the outlook is not too bright, for like a triffid, New Labour has left a seeds which are now preparing to take over the country, namely, David Cameron and his “Cameroons”.

Cameron is not only encumbered by much New Labour baggage, he is prepared to maintain some of its subterfuge as well. For example, and with specific reference to smoking bans, not only is Cameron happy to perpetuate the lies about secondary smoke, he and his acolytes are already trying to pretend that the smoking bans are having no serious impact on much of the hospitality and entertainment industries. As someone who knows a lot better, this claim is not only irritating but something which makes me wonder just how long smarmy “Dave” thinks he will be able to maintain the pretence.