Sunday, October 28, 2007

You choose: seven more years of worry, or a pint and a fag

"What’s going on here? Why aren’t the proles behaving like the healthier middle classes keep instructing them? It’s got to stop. It makes us middle-class people feel bad. ..."
"...But the truth is that seven extra years may cost more than a PPP health plan, a yearly gym membership and a lifelong abstinence from anything that looks like fun. It may cost you a long life that you never really lived in the first place."

Two short quotes from Tim Lott in The Times on 26th October 2007. He briefly explores the reasons why the poor do not live as long as the rich. He comes out with thoughts that I very much connect with, and I suspect you may feel the same.

Read the whole article...


Saturday, October 27, 2007

The third march organised by our heroes, Paul and Chris, of Starstruck karaoke fame, was a big success with an estimated 250 people on the march

The march started at 2.15 at the " La Tasca Restaurant " restaurant, at Clifton heights and proceeded along the triangle, Queens Road, Park street and finished at collage green outside the council building.
There were few problems on the march, apart from being stuck at traffic lights for what seemed like and hour, the march continued on at a stately pace, with many a stop for photographs, and 2 for shouting antis.
It was very telling that the first of these antis was a chap of little wit who was sat outside a coffee shop and his entire argument consisted of loud booing until being told to shut the f up by another patron. The second was a load American woman who after ranting about what smoke pollution was doing to her babies, and being put in her place by Paul, put her family into a large 4X4 and drove off. Well that showed us then.

There were a few pedestrians who thought it all rather sad and amusing, but on the whole the reaction was positive and we even managed to sign up a few to our cause.

The highlight to the day was arriving at collage green, a major hang out of Bristol's student population, where the march numbers were increased by hundreds of students, while only joining at the tag end of the march they did hang around the van at the end and ask questions.
They also agreed to pose for photographs outside the council offices which had a huge flag proclaiming a smoke free Bristol, they were happy to do this and took a collection of placards, and the 10 foot banner, all in all it made a good picture. One young lass was even offering free hugs :)

All in all a very enjoyable day, I say day, because this correspondent had to catch a train at 6:00 in the morning to be there and didn't get back until gone midnight. But this is just a small commitment compared with that of the 3 fighting landlords, Nick, Tony and Hamish who really do need all our support.

Your roving reporter :)
Pete J


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And Then They Came For The Drinkers

Alcohol Ban

By Blad Tolstoy

Now it's the drinkers' turn to come under the hammer. At the beginning of the week, Harpers announced the formation of a new "Alliance" between the BBC and several "leading" health organisations to counter the damage done by demon drink.

These health organisations include: The Royal College of Physicians, which will chair the Alliance, Action on Addiction, Alcohol and Health Research Trust, College of Emergency Medicine, Institute of Alcohol Studies, The Royal College of General Practitioners, Royal College of Nursing and The Royal College of Surgeons.
Ha, ha, what a field day they'll all have as they come up with lots of new alcohol negative studies - whilst getting lots of publicly funded grants - in order to give drinkers a hard time. People are already aware of the proposed restrictions on alcohol consumption touted recently but we know that all of this is just the start. We know, because for example, many of our associates pay regular visits to the website of the Robert Wood-Johnson Foundation (RWJF). This is the "charitable" arm of the pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson and this wonderful philanthropical body is now spending as much money buying public health and university research departments to promote alcohol prohibition as they do on anti-smoking propaganda. This is easy to discover as American "not-for-profits" must publish whom they sponsor and searches around the RWJF website will reveal all anyone needs to know. In addition, the EU has already been making all sorts of noises about tighter alcohol controls and warning labels on bottles and cans of booze are expected soon.
Now let me make it clear, as a dedicated pro-choice activist and anti-prohibitionist I do not want to start giving drinkers a hard time. But, I had to laugh at the squeals of that sectionof the non-smoking drinking community who, to date, have thought they are so superior to smokers. "Oh," they pompously assert, "unless you pour my beer/glass of wine down someone else's throat, then my drinking doesn't affect anyone else, not like nasty old cigarette smoke."
To these idiots I have to say: "Take this test. Go out on a cold day and breathe out. You will see just how far your breath travels. When you've been drinking your breath travels into the immediate environment in the same way. Just because in warmer locations you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there!" Nothing worse too, I shall add, than standing in the queue at Tescos and having the person in front of you hawk their booze soaked breath in your mush either!Incidentally, ethanol, the active ingredient in all alcoholic beverages, is a Class "A" carcinogen too.
So these people need to learn about tolerance and being much less self righteous. If they learn that lesson they might find that smokers are very supportive because we've learnt to fight and are becoming stronger and more vociferous by the day.
Welcome to the club, boozers!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Brown's Modest Budget Package

Blad wanted us all to see this "The Economist" cover. Here, the cartoonist makes some subtle reference to the size of The Chief Nanny Unelect's budgets. Ha! I think he's robbed Blad's style myself!

You may have to click on the picture to maximise the budget and see the writing on the fig leaf.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nanny's Duty of Care

She is wise and caring, resourceful and protecting. In your formative years She clothes you, feeds you and even wipes your bottom. When you grow and mature, her watchful diligence attempts to guide and protect you. She knows, that to tell you not to do something guarantees that activity. She lets you make your mistakes and is there to run to when you mess up. She cleverly looks after your physical and psychological wellbeing. She teaches you some stuff but knows you also have to learn from others. As she ages she wonders at the evolution of a new and original spirit and receives your learnt wisdom and support. She has enabled you to continue on your expedition a free, thinking person. Then come your choices in life.

Nanny Interfering-Health-Bandwagon-Scaremongering-Health-Safety-Risk-Management-Do-Gooder-Control-Freak-McFee-Brown-Bush-Blair-Cameron-ASH-We-Know-What's-Best, however, is not a nanny of the wise and caring kind. She tells you what to do and only does that. She doesn't care for you as a person or wish to nuture your developing spirit. Rather, she has but the one over-riding priority: self, self, self. By telling you what to do, she attempts to further her career and gain even more power over you by the use of her principle area of expertise: deceit. She has no regard for the consequences of her decisions as short term gain is her only goal.

Nanny Gasdoc says smoke in your car, avoid trans-fats, have a beer or a glass of wine or fruit based drink for the lady, live each second as if it is your last. Above all, laugh and laugh loudest at ASH, for they are truely sad. Obey the 10 commandments or for the non-believer, do only as you would be done by! Say thank you, sorry and excuse me. Take time to enjoy a strangers company. Only one thing really matters, and that is that you are true to yourself. Your chances of dying are 100%. One thing is certain, that if you worry about your weight, how much you drink or how much you smoke, you will laugh less, and life will be dull. Simply put, live first and then die, do not die before you live.

A guaranteed laugh can be had from this most excellent internet game. Follow this link and Whack-a-Murdoch...!


Bristol March Sat 20th Oct 2007

Big shout for the Bristol Protest march!!!

Loads of effort from Paul and Chris has spawned the march. Photos below show previous successes.

They so badly need people, numbers, to correctly represent the real amount of discontent amongst smokers and non-smokers.

We must show the government and ASH just what they are dealing with here.

Be there or be square!

If the flyer to the left doesn't show clearly, try clicking on it and it might get clearer.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Fuck me!

Now he's won a nobel peace prize!

We're all doomed!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bloody Al Gore

Thank the Lord, Judge Burton has said Al Gore's self-absorbed Global disaster video has been criticised as being sensationalist and exagerating. I have never felt better. This comes after I have recently started recycling. I hasten to add that despite my misgivings as to the wisdom of recycling, I have been alarmed by the growing threat of fees for domestic waste collection. My black bin is now much lighter!

Even better I wanted to find out about the truth about the chemicals produced by paper recycling and stumbled across a group called "Fiends of the Earth", whose article designed to reassure poses more questions than it answers. Have a read and find out just what gets chucked into the water table after paper processing...

So once again, we hear half of the story. My personal hate is diesel cars, what an invention of the devil. It's particulate combustion products responsible, in my opinion, for more respiratory hassle than cigarettes, and what a row they make. It doesn't even make economic sense now.

You can't do this, you can't do that, and supermarket trolleys will tell you that you will get fat if you eat that! The NHS is getting more money to waste, the BMA is going to look after it though, the labour party wants to join the conservative party and Mr Brown fancies Lady Thatcher. Thank god I don't have to worry about these heavy issues, I'm just a smoking voter.

But I must worry about all the distractions I get when I'm driving. I must not smoke or eat or adjust the radio. But then I yawned and sneezed and blinked. Yes I closed my eyes when I was driving. I will call for an urgent review of wot's safe to do when I drive. I suggest an immediate removal of all advertising boards with semi-clad ladies. A ban on advertising wouldn't be a bad idea actually. It would stop the deliberate lies and deceitful deception.

And to top it all Boots in its final days of trading, having been purchased by those sharks, is marketing water in a spray as some magic cure for faces. I despair but I laugh, you have to find it funny, otherwise you might go mad. Oh, but wait, the new mental health act, they won't be able to prove me mad anymore, freedom at last!


Monday, October 01, 2007

Campaign For People's Rghts

I received this email from Sue & Steve about a venture of theirs. I would suggest that you visit and make up your mind whether you wish to support them. Seems a very interesting idea to me and potentially self-funding. Have a look.....

Hi, if you have five minutes spare would you care to visit . As yet there are no links on the site, a situation that is in hand this week, on that note,
would you care to exchange links, if that is the correct terminology? We are very new to this but are learning out of annoyance and lack of option! I could rant on indefinately about the smoking ban but I am sure you are of the same opinion and feel the same.

Best Regards, Sue & Steve

So, once again, have a look at this new idea to apply pressure to those in power!


Brown's Joyless Britain

By Blad Tolstoy

Following the Labour Party Conference there is no doubt that those of a more freedom and fun loving disposition will have had their worst fears confirmed. Gordon Brown is a joyless bore and Blad's forecast is that twelve months from now the country will be screaming to be rid of him. What a pity then, that the opposition cannot put up a better show!

Add to this, motorists can expect even more persecution under Brown's moronic regime and smokers, in particular, can expect a double dose of trendy victimisation. What's red and thick? A Nu-Labour MP!

Anyway, when in mourning I usually find some comfort in Simon Heffer's columns in The Daily Telegraph. As I have said before, I do not see eye to eye with Heffer on many issues, but when it comes to the defence of liberty delivered with a dry, caustic sense of humour, Heffer is a tonic. Here are two of his articles from last Saturday's Telegraph (29th September, 2007).

Smoking is bad for your driving licence

By Simon Heffer

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the inevitability of banning drivers from turning on the radio in their cars, or doing several other things that might entail taking a hand off the wheel, because of the health and safety fascism in our country. I had neglected to mention smoking - I forget there are some people who still do it - but the fascists have, indeed, said that having a fag at the wheel will lead to a charge of dangerous driving. I suppose having banned mobile phone use this was bound to be next, and it has an added piquancy of joining the road safety campaign with the campaign to ban people from smoking, even in a very private place like their own car. No doubt the dental fascists will be next, urging (with impeccable logic)that anyone eating a Mars Bar at the wheel should get six points on his licence. And, since the prisons are not nearly full enough, we await the spectacle of the police rounding up pensioners who pop in a Murray mint while trundling along at 25 mph. You know it makes sense!

Garbage, lies and more years of hard Labour

By Simon Heffer

In 20 years of writing about politics I have heard some garbage, but never, I think, quite so much in such a short space of time as the effluvia that came out of Bournemouth over the past week. Precisely because there is no opposition in this country, our new Prime Minister can get away with saying that he will find school places for every five-year-old in the world. For a disconcerting moment I thought he had become the Prime Minister of Earth; but then he said he would eradicate Aids as well and I realised he must in fact be God. Even more hilarious was Jack Straw - who has routinely voted against any measure to give householders more power to deal with intruders - saying that he was instituting a "review" of whether you can shoot a burglar. Having also "reviewed' casinos and round-the-clock boozing, it is presumably only a matter of days before the restoration of hanging, flogging and the pre-decimal currency are put under "review," too. Of course it is all lies, but we have at least five more years of the liars yet, I fear.