Friday, April 11, 2008

Bienvenue Aux Amis Français

By Blad Tolstoy

For those unable to read French the above says: “Welcome to Our French Friends,” and the flag portrayed is the flag of Free France, a totally appropriate emblem as it is freedom for which our fellow combatants in France are fighting.

Yes, our French friends may be comparative latecomers to the battle against smoking bans but they are certainly becoming quite well organised and very rapidly too.

For the benefit of newcomers to the French resistance, here are four interesting French websites:

Le Fumoir >> Europe (if you contact them the site owner speaks very good English):

Nos Libertés (in the defence of liberties generally):

For Shisha fighters, we have this site which is supported by Maître Jacques Verges, one of France’s premier lawyers:

And, this unusual site named Spartaclop, which has a cracking soundtrack for the new arrival to listen to:

Yes, yes, I know many of you don’t speak or read French but there’s no harm in making some acquaintance with our nearest European neighbours. You may even discover some new companions.

Lastly, and to go somewhere nearer to home, you may be pleased to learn that Vivienne Westwood is now also in the fray to protect freedom. This is her site:

You may find Viv’s apparent leanings in favour of global warming a bit of a turn off, but never mind, if she supports the defence of freedom then it’s certainly worth taking a gander at what she’s offering.