Saturday, April 26, 2008

Aloha Hawaii

By Blad Tolstoy

Some of our readers may recall that we have quite a cordial relationship with Dave Crowley of Hawaii Smokers' Alliance. Moreover, this site was the first to publicise the fact the Alliance supported and joined in sympathy with our efforts in the UK to act in defiance against their state's smoking ban for last year's World Day of Defiance on July 1st.

We are now delighted to report that matters are progressing well in Hawaii with a major slap in the face having newly occurred for some of their scumbag anti officials delivered, no less, by the Hawaiian Business Regulatory Board based in Honolulu. Smoking bans are not good for business as our own stupid and mendacious government also needs to learn.

For the full story, read on: "Hawaii Bombshell!!!"


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our Government Lies Through Its Teeth…Again

By Blad Tolstoy

A short while ago, I signed a Downing Street petition requesting designated smoking rooms because of damage to business.

The government’s reply is illuminating as yet another instance of its ability to lie through its teeth. This is what they said:

“However, survey data, anecdotal evidence and reports in the media seem to indicate that the impact on the hospitality trade as a whole has been at worst neutral and in many cases positive.”

See the full reponse by clicking here



Writing That Really Is Worth Reading

By Blad Tolstoy

I should like to draw the reader’s attention to two articles that really are worth reading.

The first is an essay by Vaclav Klaus, the current and popular President of the Czech Republic. For the readers’ information Klaus does not agree with smoking bans and does not believe the anthropogenic theory of global warming.

This week, I should like to recommend Klaus’ essay: “The Intellectuals and Socialism: As Seen from a Post-Communist Country Situated in Predominantly Post-Democratic Europe.”

In this essay Klaus illustrates the damaging current predominant intellectual ethos of “soft” socialism and how it has facilitated the creation of to-day’s illiberal society. Klaus’ writing is insightful and a superb aid to our understanding of the political world in which we now live.

Click here to visit Vaclav Klaus' article

The second article is by our pal Ed Contoski, and also an essay, entitled: “Death by Smoking Ban.”

I shall use Ed’s words to describe his own piece:

“Death by Smoking Ban shows that far more people die because of smoking bans than because of secondhand smoke. It quotes several important studies that debunk the claims of health dangers from secondhand smoke, and it cites evidence that smoking bans are causing deaths in unexpected ways. The public has been deceived into believing secondhand smoke is dangerous by pseudo-scientific propaganda of more than a hundred well-organized, well-funded anti-smoking organizations. Their dishonesty and the phoniness of their claims is evident in examples cited from a recent Most Ridiculous Secondhand Smoke Claim Tournament run by Michael Siegel, a physician who specialized in preventive medicine and public health.”

Click here to visit Ed Contoski's article

(The link to Michael Siegel’s blog is provided in Ed’s essay as well as on this site: see under our links for Blogs: The Rest of the Story.)


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gerry Stonhill

This brilliant man is the first in Oxford to be found guilty of breaking the smoking ban. He has run a unique and famous pub business specialising in Cuban cigars amongst other things. I pay tribute to him and his courageous and principled stand. These are my comments on his actions at the Oxford Mail website:

"I have nothing but admiration and praise for Gerry Stonhill. I don't know him and am not a local. I'm a doctor and I smoke. This is a national issue and I am forced to comment on local news websites because dessent against this fools law is not allowed in this free country! The media are frightened to say anything remotely pro-smoker as the gross amount of public money spent on propaganda has scared the public into hating smokers because of a lie. Passive smoking does not kill or harm anyone. I will vote to going to a warmer country where I can smoke outside in comfort."

You can visit the Oxford Mail by clicking here and then you can add to the praise being heaped by readers from allover the country.


Sunday, April 13, 2008


By Blad Tolstoy

Last Autumn, this site stated confidently that the differently sized person, better known as the fat lady but I am here pandering to PC stupidity, was already singing for Gordon Brown and New Labour.

I am amused then, at present, to read the political pundits who are still making comments to the effect that Brown is “nearing the point of no return.” Bull manure, Brown is long past that point and the fat lady is already in full operatic mode accompanied by Valkyries for him and his party. In fact, short of a number of astronomical blunders by the Tories and it being revealed that David Cameron likes to have sex with horses, New Labour is done, washed up, irreparably kaput – a dead man walking – but how much longer we have to wait for this particular corpse to drop is another matter.

The more interesting political commentators are pointing out that politics goes in cycles and we are now nearing the end of yet another political cycle as New Labour prepares itself to go into opposition. However, what Britain needs, as opposed to just a new political cycle, is a whole new zeitgeist (spirit of the times). Indeed, we need to move away completely from the ethos of the nanny state and its damaging impact on creativity and even a reasonable level of individualism, to being a much more liberal country again.

However, for those who share my sentiments, the outlook is not too bright, for like a triffid, New Labour has left a seeds which are now preparing to take over the country, namely, David Cameron and his “Cameroons”.

Cameron is not only encumbered by much New Labour baggage, he is prepared to maintain some of its subterfuge as well. For example, and with specific reference to smoking bans, not only is Cameron happy to perpetuate the lies about secondary smoke, he and his acolytes are already trying to pretend that the smoking bans are having no serious impact on much of the hospitality and entertainment industries. As someone who knows a lot better, this claim is not only irritating but something which makes me wonder just how long smarmy “Dave” thinks he will be able to maintain the pretence.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Bienvenue Aux Amis Français

By Blad Tolstoy

For those unable to read French the above says: “Welcome to Our French Friends,” and the flag portrayed is the flag of Free France, a totally appropriate emblem as it is freedom for which our fellow combatants in France are fighting.

Yes, our French friends may be comparative latecomers to the battle against smoking bans but they are certainly becoming quite well organised and very rapidly too.

For the benefit of newcomers to the French resistance, here are four interesting French websites:

Le Fumoir >> Europe (if you contact them the site owner speaks very good English):

Nos Libertés (in the defence of liberties generally):

For Shisha fighters, we have this site which is supported by Maître Jacques Verges, one of France’s premier lawyers:

And, this unusual site named Spartaclop, which has a cracking soundtrack for the new arrival to listen to:

Yes, yes, I know many of you don’t speak or read French but there’s no harm in making some acquaintance with our nearest European neighbours. You may even discover some new companions.

Lastly, and to go somewhere nearer to home, you may be pleased to learn that Vivienne Westwood is now also in the fray to protect freedom. This is her site:

You may find Viv’s apparent leanings in favour of global warming a bit of a turn off, but never mind, if she supports the defence of freedom then it’s certainly worth taking a gander at what she’s offering.


Greg Gutfield- Fox News Shock Jock

I loved this short but gripping video. It came to be via my Google News subscription on "Smoking Bans". The transcript is linked here.. but it is much more effective hearing him say it. It may not do our cause much good to adopt a policy of killing "Fat vegetarians", but you can understand where this kind of anger comes from?

I just watched a recording of a "Bill Hicks" gig too and what a damned clever man he was. I must try and find a link to his great work..I 'll get on to that right now!


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sign up for updates

Hi Blog readers

One can only wander at why we blog and why we read blogs but to make it easier for us all I've made up a mechanism for you to keep up to date on our postings. So for all you "fans" who want to know when a new post is up, ready for your eyes and for your comments, enter your email address in the box situated at the top right hand side of the side of our blog. This will mean you will be notified of new posts!

You will have to click on an email link sent to you to verify your human and non-spamming credentials and you will be able to alter the frequency of your updates in the settings of this new facility. The facility is brought to us by Google Groups. This also means that you can find out more about each other and find new chums, what fun this internetery networking can be!

All the very best and keep making those choices!

Phil & Blad


Thought of the Day

Sent in by Lyn Ladds


Olympic Splif

How gratifying to see an enormous flaming splif marching through the streets of London protected by 2,000 of our boys in blue (er..yellow). These streets lined by protesters presumably from many groups. I am confused as to what the fuss is and exactly which protesters have the biggest cause. I am perhaps inclined to support the Tibetan Smoker's Rights Group highlighting the brutal treatment of Tibetan tobacco users.

However, one has to be attracted to the Olympic Smokers Foundation's cause of unity and the peaceful ideals of the smoking olympians. Certainly, many 1,000's of people have gathered to attempt one small sniff of the passive olympian spirit, so difficult nowadays as these occasions are generally difficult to organise indoors. One can't help wandering who gave the permission for the Spliff to remain alight inside planes and public buildings.

I have less sympathy for the environmental protesters who surely can't believe this small fire is destroying the earth or that extinguishing it could make any difference. Naturally ASH were there and demanding that the torch be carried in a hermetically sealed mobile unit with a 100 mile exclusion zone, lest anyone should be able to smell the paraffin. I have to say, on balance, I see this as an excellent demonstration of the absurdity of smoking bans in enclosed public places and am very glad so many smoker's could join the combined protest and celebration.

As for Mr Brown standing shoulder to shoulder with the great weed-packed Olympic splif, one can be excused for a little confusion over his policy with regard canabis classification.

Finally, one can't help remembering that the first time the Olympic Splif was carried, was in Germany in 1937, when one Adolf Hitler instigated it's beginning. How symbolic!


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women"

Quotes from the mouth of Henry Allingham (111) found in The Argus here in April 2006. The Daily Mail reports here today on our oldest surviving man. It glowingly reports on the many honours this noble man has earned. Now of course, if he wants a fag, he has to go outside even from his own home, St Dunstan's care home for blind ex-service personnel.

Is it right, that should Henry deicide he wants a cigarette, he should have to stand out in the cold? Of course not, it's simply a disgrace!