Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ireland - a wonderful picture in more ways than one

by Blad Tolstoy

To a reader with an unpractised eye this may seem a wonderful picture solely due to the fact it shows the Irish "NO" voters winning against the Lisbon Treaty yesterday (13/6/08).

This IS wonderful of course, as it demonstrates what we all know, which is, that if all the countries of the EU were granted referenda then the Treaty would be rejected by most if not all.

Most people are now sick of the overweaning powers the EU has granted itself and want the brakes putting on. One of the most infamous EU directives, of course, was the smoking ban, and this directive our treacherous government has enacted with a gusto rivalled only by its contempt for civil liberties and its ignoring of the demand by the British people for our own EU referendum.

However, there is more to this picture than meets the eye, so I ask the reader to cast his or her eye to the table before the revellers. In front of the lady is an ashtray with a cigarette in it and in front of the man on her left a cigarette packet is clearly visible on the table in front of him (it's even more obvious in the original picture and no, it's not a mobile phone). Notice too, that the picture is taken inside a pub or bar.

Smoking indoors AND rejecting the Lisbon Treaty? A double win for the Irish I think.