Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Smoking Bans

Its a dreadful shame that the traditional pub is to be destroyed and I sympathise with the struggling landlord of the wetlead pub.

It's even more salient when one realises that it is a consequence of the influence on public opinion of inaccurate and sensationalised media campaigning.

However the effects of smoking bans on the hospitality trade pale into insignificance when it is appreciated that misinformation or downright lies have resulted in social change being manipulated by legislation.

The power of misguided individuals at the head of global organisations and charities have knowingly and admittedly forced on society social change using false claims of health protection. These false claims when examined in detail are fraudulent and the bodies involved are blatantly riddled with vested financial interests.

Now to cap it all we are being guided into gambling. This most evil of uncontrollable addictions which tears families apart with devastating consequences has been sanctioned by government purely because it will feed the treasury. No clearer evidence could be visible that we are being governed by dangerous , sanctimonious, dishonest and probably corrupt imbeciles.

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