Saturday, January 05, 2008

Our Government of Criminals

By Blad Tolstoy

This week, this country received an announcement from Gordon Brown that demonstrated clearly the final disjunction between the state and the people of Great Britain. We no longer live in a representative democracy but an authoritarian tyranny. Make absolutely no mistake about that.

What was this announcement of Brown's that marked such an important and dangerous shift?

I refer to his announcement that the precautionary principle would be paramount with regard to the treatment of National Health Service patients. Under this "new" approach (one in fact long touted by Public Health), smokers, heavy drinkers and the obese will be banned from
NHS treatment. Brown also announced new plans to draw up a Health Service constitution clearly outlining "rights and responsibilities for patients.

Rightly, there has been some furore over these proposals as they will undermine further not only the concept of the NHS providing free care for all but also that it will be able to continue to offer truly universal care.

However, there is much more than this, in that, smokers (in particular) and also drinkers and those who may eat more than the rest of us, have already paid for their health care over and over again. Not only have these groups paid their National Insurance contributions they have also paid substantial amounts in extra tax to the treasury.

In looking at this issue, I shall consider the case of smokers for it is smokers I know most about. In 2006, the government announced that although smokers are supposed to cost the NHS £1.7 billion for the treatment of smoking related diseases they contribute £8 billion in tax from sales of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Some will add to this the VAT which increases the revenue even more to some £10 billion.

Now with regard to that last point, I have no proof personally that the government is not including VAT in its calculations, but what I do know is that the tobacco companies are also charged corporation tax on their profits as is normal for any business. This means that for whatever figure the government quotes with regard to tax gained from sales of cigarettes at the shop has to be added the very weighty sums gained from corporation tax.

But, there is more. As more and more commentators are noticing, the smoking bans are having a disastrous impact on the hospitality and entertainment industries. Many pubs, clubs, bingo halls, cafés and even restaurants are already experiencing substantial damage and, at the present rate, not only are thousands of pubs lined up for closure, but in a few months time we may well see the end of ALL bingo halls and working mens' clubs. Indeed, it is smokers that keep very many people in business and employment.

Let's move on though. Given that smokers and many of the groups to be discriminated against have paid for their health care many times over, if it were the case that such "premiums" were paid to a private health provider and that provider then stated that it had no intention of honouring its commitment to its clients, then that provider would open itself up to legal actions of two kinds. Firstly, it would be open to being sued in a civil court for breach of contract, and secondly, it would be open to criminal prosecution for fraud and theft.

This government has chosen then, to behave like a company with criminal intent. But because it is the government it considers that when IT engages in this kind of conduct it should somehow be free of any normal moral constraints or obligations. It should not be and in any decent country there should never be one law for government and one for the people. However, this government no longer cares about the welfare of its people. It is now under the thrall of one of the most corrupting and evil influences of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, namely, Public Health. Nowadays, Public Health is not interested in anybody's health; it is interested in an agenda of power and social control. Be under no illusions about that and in supporting such an agenda, this government, under its bible thumping leader, has chosen to act like a criminal. Let it be branded as such and let everyone be aware that yet more interference and attempts to control our behaviour will manifest themselves very shortly.

Wake up Britain. Wake up! Watch "Hairy Chestnuts" YouTube video below.