Monday, January 07, 2008

The Architecture of Deceit

By "Bilingual Blogger" Blad Tolstoy

Tonight, Frédérique Dupont took part, as Freedom to Choose's representative, on the French parliamentary TV programme named "Ça Vous Regarde" (Here's Looking at You) to discuss the newly implemented smoking ban in France.


The discussion was the usual arrangement with a member of the French Tobacco Control service and a former Minister of Health on one side, whilst on the other were a member of the French Association of Tobacconists and a very good looking, young and passionate libertarian lady.

The discussion was fairly well conducted but, as usual, the "gentleman" from the Tobacco Control Service told the usual nonsense, supported by the politician, as to why smoking bans need to happen. The interesting thing about this person was the set of his mouth which did not inspire confidence, In addition to which, he looked remarkably smug. Actually, he looked architecturally suited to his role of a habitual liar, a fact confirmed when in response to Fréderique's well-researched list of pub and bingo hall closures following the UK bans, he dismissed her and Freedom to Choose as nothing more than being in the paid service of the large tobacco

That this smug and mendacious piece of shit should try that unimaginative and defamatory stunt should come as no surprise to anyone who has been involved in fighting smoking bans for tobacco control could never make progress without telling lies. However, the tactic did not go unnoticed by a watching Freedom to Choose member who left the following comments on lcpan's site for all to see:

"Professeur Dautzenberg est menteur. Je suis de pays de galles et Freedom to Choose n'est rien a faire avec les grandes companies de tabac. Il a besoin de corriger ses expressions."

(Professor Dautzenberg is a liar. I'm from Wales and Freedom to Choose has nothing to do with the large tobacco companies. He needs to correct his remarks.")

No further comments followed this one at the time the programme closed.