Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Italian Smoking Ban Appeal

I have seen and read the judgement in the Italian courts in favour of two Italian bar owners. It seems to state that it is wrong to fine the private owners of a bar. All they are obliged to do is display signage and warn smokers that they shouldn't. It seems also to state that the Act or a part of it is annulled as a result of this judgement.

I have not previously posted on this as I have to confess a degree of unease whilst reading these long, rambling, legalese containing documents. An unease that I am not infact a speaker of the english language. An unease that I may not be seeing the "Kings new clothes", unlike my more intelligent readers.

It certainly, would seem to be a good thing. But if anyone is more able than me to interpret or translate this document, it would be a great service to all. Please an anyone tell us what the document says in plain English and if there are any possible positive implications for us cold and isolated UK smokers?

The document is available to read at this url, kindly provided by our Netherlandish Freedom Fighters...Read Italian Judgement here...