Saturday, October 27, 2007

The third march organised by our heroes, Paul and Chris, of Starstruck karaoke fame, was a big success with an estimated 250 people on the march

The march started at 2.15 at the " La Tasca Restaurant " restaurant, at Clifton heights and proceeded along the triangle, Queens Road, Park street and finished at collage green outside the council building.
There were few problems on the march, apart from being stuck at traffic lights for what seemed like and hour, the march continued on at a stately pace, with many a stop for photographs, and 2 for shouting antis.
It was very telling that the first of these antis was a chap of little wit who was sat outside a coffee shop and his entire argument consisted of loud booing until being told to shut the f up by another patron. The second was a load American woman who after ranting about what smoke pollution was doing to her babies, and being put in her place by Paul, put her family into a large 4X4 and drove off. Well that showed us then.

There were a few pedestrians who thought it all rather sad and amusing, but on the whole the reaction was positive and we even managed to sign up a few to our cause.

The highlight to the day was arriving at collage green, a major hang out of Bristol's student population, where the march numbers were increased by hundreds of students, while only joining at the tag end of the march they did hang around the van at the end and ask questions.
They also agreed to pose for photographs outside the council offices which had a huge flag proclaiming a smoke free Bristol, they were happy to do this and took a collection of placards, and the 10 foot banner, all in all it made a good picture. One young lass was even offering free hugs :)

All in all a very enjoyable day, I say day, because this correspondent had to catch a train at 6:00 in the morning to be there and didn't get back until gone midnight. But this is just a small commitment compared with that of the 3 fighting landlords, Nick, Tony and Hamish who really do need all our support.

Your roving reporter :)
Pete J