Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bloody Al Gore

Thank the Lord, Judge Burton has said Al Gore's self-absorbed Global disaster video has been criticised as being sensationalist and exagerating. I have never felt better. This comes after I have recently started recycling. I hasten to add that despite my misgivings as to the wisdom of recycling, I have been alarmed by the growing threat of fees for domestic waste collection. My black bin is now much lighter!

Even better I wanted to find out about the truth about the chemicals produced by paper recycling and stumbled across a group called "Fiends of the Earth", whose article designed to reassure poses more questions than it answers. Have a read and find out just what gets chucked into the water table after paper processing...

So once again, we hear half of the story. My personal hate is diesel cars, what an invention of the devil. It's particulate combustion products responsible, in my opinion, for more respiratory hassle than cigarettes, and what a row they make. It doesn't even make economic sense now.

You can't do this, you can't do that, and supermarket trolleys will tell you that you will get fat if you eat that! The NHS is getting more money to waste, the BMA is going to look after it though, the labour party wants to join the conservative party and Mr Brown fancies Lady Thatcher. Thank god I don't have to worry about these heavy issues, I'm just a smoking voter.

But I must worry about all the distractions I get when I'm driving. I must not smoke or eat or adjust the radio. But then I yawned and sneezed and blinked. Yes I closed my eyes when I was driving. I will call for an urgent review of wot's safe to do when I drive. I suggest an immediate removal of all advertising boards with semi-clad ladies. A ban on advertising wouldn't be a bad idea actually. It would stop the deliberate lies and deceitful deception.

And to top it all Boots in its final days of trading, having been purchased by those sharks, is marketing water in a spray as some magic cure for faces. I despair but I laugh, you have to find it funny, otherwise you might go mad. Oh, but wait, the new mental health act, they won't be able to prove me mad anymore, freedom at last!