Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nanny's Duty of Care

She is wise and caring, resourceful and protecting. In your formative years She clothes you, feeds you and even wipes your bottom. When you grow and mature, her watchful diligence attempts to guide and protect you. She knows, that to tell you not to do something guarantees that activity. She lets you make your mistakes and is there to run to when you mess up. She cleverly looks after your physical and psychological wellbeing. She teaches you some stuff but knows you also have to learn from others. As she ages she wonders at the evolution of a new and original spirit and receives your learnt wisdom and support. She has enabled you to continue on your expedition a free, thinking person. Then come your choices in life.

Nanny Interfering-Health-Bandwagon-Scaremongering-Health-Safety-Risk-Management-Do-Gooder-Control-Freak-McFee-Brown-Bush-Blair-Cameron-ASH-We-Know-What's-Best, however, is not a nanny of the wise and caring kind. She tells you what to do and only does that. She doesn't care for you as a person or wish to nuture your developing spirit. Rather, she has but the one over-riding priority: self, self, self. By telling you what to do, she attempts to further her career and gain even more power over you by the use of her principle area of expertise: deceit. She has no regard for the consequences of her decisions as short term gain is her only goal.

Nanny Gasdoc says smoke in your car, avoid trans-fats, have a beer or a glass of wine or fruit based drink for the lady, live each second as if it is your last. Above all, laugh and laugh loudest at ASH, for they are truely sad. Obey the 10 commandments or for the non-believer, do only as you would be done by! Say thank you, sorry and excuse me. Take time to enjoy a strangers company. Only one thing really matters, and that is that you are true to yourself. Your chances of dying are 100%. One thing is certain, that if you worry about your weight, how much you drink or how much you smoke, you will laugh less, and life will be dull. Simply put, live first and then die, do not die before you live.

A guaranteed laugh can be had from this most excellent internet game. Follow this link and Whack-a-Murdoch...!