Friday, June 22, 2007


On Sunday July 1st, the first day of England's smoking ban, Nick Hogan will be hosting a smoke-in as a protest against the ban.

This will take place at The Swan pub, Churchgate, Bolton, Lancashire. Doors open at 12 'o' clock midday and from 2pm there will be live coverage by Sky News. This will give many people a chance to express their views and therefore present a marvellous opportunity. See also this frightening trade damage analysis by Sky News:,,30400-1270997,00.html

Nick is putting in the time and effort (as well a sticking his neck out). He is receiving plenty of support but he nevertheless asks that as many people as possible will make the effort to join him in Bolton to ensure this is a strong and worthwhile protest. All that is required is your time and energy!

We are supposed to live in a democracy so let's ensure that democratic principles triumph on July 1st!