Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jarvis Cocker - Life's Punctuation

Jarvis Cocker SmokingJarvis Cocker's website is worth a visit. He was quoted in The Times on Saturday in their "Well, well, well" section.

"I believe that public smoking is a form of punctuation and without fag breaks, we won't have those necessary little pauses to reflect on life, which becomes one long sentence will no full stops of commas."

He also has an excellent song title "**** are ruling the world".
I find this very pleasing and fascinating. Jarvis, a man with whom I would have previously thought I had nothing in common, comes out with a thought that I have voiced many times. Not only that he puts it in a way that no one could really better. Especially with no bullshit.
He has a blog worth a visit and you'll find plenty of reference that excellent song title.