Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Battle Cry of Freedom!

On July 1st, contrary to what the anti-smoking lobby would want to see we are delighted to announce a Day of Defiance which has been welcomed by many millions of people across the UK.

Three principle venues for the defence of freedom against the fascist tyranny of ASH and this Labour government are:

The Swan, Churchgate, Bolton (Landlord: Nick Hogan)

The Dog Inn, Ewyas Harold, Nr Hereford (Landlord: Tony Blows)

Happy Scotts Bar, Rigby Road, Blackpool (Landlord: Hamish Howitt)

These will not be the last of such protests and we have a number of very interesting plans in the pipeline. Add to that a number of legal actions that are due to be taken against the government and we shall have a very interesting few months ahead. We know that ASH and their cronies are planning further strictures against smokers once the initial implementation of the ban has quietened down. Bad news ASH, from now on it just gets noisier and noisier and we also look forward to the day, not so far off now, when you will have to stand up in court and explain why you have propagated the great second hand smoke lie for so long!

Finally, it is important to remember the words: "Freedom to Choose." Some have described these words as a cliché. Maybe they are, but they still remain three very important words for they encapsulate the very essence of liberty. With that in mind we raise our battle flag and war cry:

The Battlecry of Freedom!

Posted by Blad "Bulldog" Tolstoy