Sunday, February 10, 2008

Would You?

I was reading the Sun newspaper yesterday. It is one of my weekly joys to read Jeremy Clarkson's column and one of my chores to see what Lorraine Kelly is spouting. Jezza's efforts raised my mood but did not balance my disgust at LK's pathetic ranting.

Kelly writes an article paying homage to Liz Dawns current crusade to persuade smokers that she is a good example of the foolish smoker. Kelly during her foul-mouthed, scare mongering, wholely inaccurate diatribe forgets herself. Despite editors and proof readers she then refers to smokers as "foul smelling old bags with wrinkled mouths like a cat's bum". I have always thought as Liz Dawn as a rather attractive lady with a great, fun personality and her character Vera Duckworth as a bedrock of english motherhood with the artistically exaggerated but virtuous qualities of a loyal wife and great British lady. I have no problem with Liz drawing the world to her plight and no idea how LK thinks she is helping Liz' cause.

Liz, I do not agree with Kelly, you are not a foul smelling old bag, but a beautiful mature and principled actress. We are very sorry you have had to leave Corry. You are an institution and we wish you luck in retirement.

Now follows a few more images of smokers and anti's for you to peruse and decide who the "foul smelling old bags" really are!!!???