Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pregnant smoking not harmful!!!!!

The was an article printed in The Times today that is also available on the TimesOnline website. To read it click

I first had to check that it was not April Fool's Day!

Read it for yourself, but in summary it says that smoking during pregnancy is not as dangerous as it has previously been thought. Actually, that the harmful effect is negligible in the first five months of pregnancy and very small for the rest of the pregnancy.

Our readers are no strangers to the inbuilt flaws of epidemiological studies. This article would seem to suggest that the study under question has specifically sought to uncover the effects of the obvious confounders of social class and therefore diet and many other allied predictors of poor health.

I have to admit that I am absolutely flumuxed and so glad that this study has reached the media. This is such a revelation that I can hardly believe by eyes. This said, how own earth, therefore can "passive smoking" exert any effect at all on the unborn child.

I sincerely hope that this article gets the coverage it deserves. Any people reading, who have any blog or hardcopy media links must get this out, sharpish!