Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Todays Smoking Ban Rant

What concerns me is the level of deceit in government and the possible gullibility of the public. The latest example of spin doctoring was the publicity given to GP's salaries grooming public opinion before announcing derisory pay rises for NHS employees.

Currently we have the public being groomed for the smoking ban by the quite scandalous misinformation contained in the publically funded TV advert campaign. Millions of pounds of money that would be best directed into healthcare is being spent peddling blatant lies about the dangers of environmental tobacco smoke. Even more concern is raised when you appreciate that these adverts are intended to frighten people.

We also have to listen to a so-called "green" mantra from Mr Web Cameron proposing pointless taxes on flying with him believing that he will secure more "green" voters.

Green they will be if they are taken in and green you certainly are if you believe there is anything factual behind this passive smoking nonsense.