Wednesday, December 19, 2007

International Meetings - An Update

By Blad Tolstoy

I have already reported that international meetings are now taking place via Skype between a number of different countries from around the world in order to develop a successful global strategy to tackle the antis.

Considering that we don't have the antis' fat pharma and tax payer funded budgets this is quite remarkable, in that, the level of agreement plus the time, effort and co-ordination people are willing to input is quite substantial, indicating that we are truly a grass roots movement whereas the antis are not. Indeed, the latter are imposed upon us by mendacious zealots and certain medical professionals who long ago overstepped their remit, believing it is their role to dictate to us how we should live life as opposed to assisting us to enjoy it as best we can and to our own satisfaction and choice.

So, for the record, the participating countries for the last two Sundays (9th and 16th December) have been:

9th December: England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and USA.
Apologies: France and Rep of Ireland, Canada.

16th December: England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Italy, Germany, Austria, USA and Canada.
Apologies: France, Rep of Ireland, Spain and Denmark.

Our Skype facility can only take nine participants at any one time but this facility will be extended early next year to accommodate more countries and we look forward to including yet more of our European neighbours and transatlantic friends.