Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Inspiring Smoking Ban Protest Poem

Today, my friend coyly admitted to me that he wrote poetry. I was impressed and after only 4 hours he came out completely. He had written a poem for his friends in the Coffee Shop. I publicly announce that Lee Jeffreys had a hidden talent that is now in the open!

Coffee Shop Magic! by Lee Jeffreys

Your daily routine can be somewhat repetitive with what you choose to do, but this can be changed with a little effort, for example who you talk to.

It's very easy to carry on and keep your old routine, but why not try the other side and see if the grass is in fact green!?

A few months back I was the same, tied to the same régime, in the coffee shop at 8 o'clock and out by 8.15.

One morning I decided to sit and watch the people who came in daily, all with a different story to tell Linda, the coffee shop lady.

Sat around I see people with the same idea as me, a doctor, his wife, a rival banker, and a gentleman called Lorie. A simple "hello & how are you?" soon turns to general chat, with one thing in common we're smokers and proud, you can be sure of that!

A spanner was thrown into the works of our newly found Clan, the government introduced it ("Bunch Of Bastards") in the form of a smoking ban! So out to the garden we all went with the elements sent to test, but one things for sure we're all still here, AS SMOKERS ALL KNOW BEST!

Doing the crossword with the good doctor and his wife as we sit there on our lunch, maybe I’m in a routine again, but who cares there a quality bunch!

Friends have been made, weddings attended and nights in London too, all this happened from a change of routine of which I chose to do!