Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TrashTray- Animated Smoke

What has Gasdoc been doing all this time? Principally, attempting to get certified insane, and making a pretty fair stab at it!  However, during his enforced absence from work, he has been devoting an inordinate amount of time developing something called a Yahoo Widget.

The existence of these little desktop applications may be news to you more serious minded readers, but I am assured they can be useful and fun.

In steps TrashTray! A simple animated ashtray replacement for the recycle (trash) bin aimed at adorning the smokers' Windows or Mac desktop. TrashTray's principle feature is a realistic smoke animation which emanates from the cigarette placed in the ashtray. The ashtray can be a colour of your choice and several other user preferences can be found by right clicking over the ashtray.

Visit this link... to obtain your copy. You will be asked to install the Yahoo Widget software first..don't be put off, it's really quite harmless and won't hog your processor or memory.

Give it a whirl and feedback any issues you may have.