Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mrs Bucket Rules

By Blad Tolstoy

Hi-di-hi bloggers and bloggettes!

As most of you are now aware, the EU now wants to extend smoking bans to outdoors. See:


Yes, quite drunk with power, our "friends" in the wonderful EU want to flex their muscles further against those easy soft targets - the smokers - by trying to make their lives just that little bit more uncomfortable in the great crusade towards perfect health for everybody (uh-huh, dream on) whether they want it or not.

Aside from the fact that many countries in the continental Europe have already reached more sensible accommodations than Britain's Nu-Labour idiots have achieved, we await with baited breath to see how unsuccessful this next 3rd Reich manoeuvre will be as the vanity of some of our political class attempts to puff itself up even further. The Greeks had a word for this: hubris.

But, I digress, for you may be interested to see what Androulla Vassiliou - a Brussels Commissioner who is pushing this agenda - looks like. Sooo, heeeeeeeerrrre's Johnny:

Indeed, stunning, a sour looking fanatic with enough vinegar in her face to run a chip shop. But, as many of you will notice straight away, she bears a striking resemblance to Hyacinth Bucket from the TV series "Keeping Up Appearances". Basically, what we have here is the face of arrogant, humourless stupidity, although to be fair to Hyacinth from the TV series, at least she is funny. This iron-corset, on the other hand, looks about as much fun as drinking battery acid.

Isn't it interesting how this woman and that other notorious anti from the EU parliament, Avril Doyle, bear such a striking resemblance to each other? Check it out:

Clock the hair in both cases, - stiff and nasty, except where Vassilou looks stupid, Doyle looks even more arrogant and much more self-assured. As the late Gian Turci once named her: "Nurse Ratchet."

Now I ask you folks, do you want to live in a world controlled by people like these? Not me, I think they should both be banned from decent society on the grounds of pubic, sorry, public health!