Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Does Brown Serve the Citizens of the UK or the European Parliament?

By Blad Tolstoy

Now that the worst Prime Minister in living memory (and perhaps ever) has seen his party beaten into third place in theEuropean elections what can we expect of Gordon Brown next?

Well, some of you may be interested to read this article from to-day's Daily Telegraph (9/6/09) entitled:

"European elections 2009: Europe's centre-right declares war on Conservatives"



This article outlines the fact that pressure is being placed upon Gordon Brown by EU governments to hold off an early election for fear of a Conservative win and David Cameron holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

"No one wants an election in Britain, not because of any special affection for Gordon Brown but because an early election would threaten the Lisbon Treaty. That cannot happen," said a European diplomat.

Well, we have news for him. The majority of the British people want a referendum and it should not be up to some anti-democratic dictators in the EU to decide we don't. However, this will be yet another test for Brown. Who does he consider first? The people he is supposed to serve of the EU?

Don't hold your breaths. Brown's desire to survive and the desires of his EU masters match perfectly. The British people will take second place.

Lastly, if you want further evidence of how despotic the EU intends to become, it is now their desire to make voters vote for political groupings rather than individual parties. This is to prevent smaller unallied parties getting a look in. Moreover, such a proposal is supported by Britain's Liberal Democrats and is a further intention to damage the democratic process.

This raises two issues. Firstly, what on earth is liberal about the Liberal Democrat Party? Secondly, if the aim is to increase voter apathy, this will achieve it as even more of the people of Europe become disenfranchised.


"European elections 2009: EU voting system could axe political parties"


Yes, it all stinks!