Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Magazine Introduction and Review

By Blad Tolstoy

We are delighted to announce the first issue of BARF Promotions new product: The Wanker Magazine, coming in on the market at £12.

A startling magazine which in its first issue deals with the loony position of the current Tory Party with regard to smoking bans. We refer, of course to the fact that Simon Clark of Forest was asked by an e-mail from the Conservative Party to: “mobilise smokers to vote Conservative.”

(See: Why I would NEVER vote for Cameron's Conservatives;

Aside from the fact that Forest is not in the position to mobilise the smoking vote, most of us are left gasping at the outright stupidity of the request. Dave and the shadow cabinet are intent on maintaining the same subterfuge about secondary smoke as New Labour and, subsequently, maintaining a bad law (the 2006 Health Act) based on medical fraud. The fact that this law and the antismoking movement between them have been responsible for the closures of, and financial damage to, many pubs, clubs and bingo halls (and other establishments), discrimination towards smokers in employment and social segregation from their friends, seems to have left Dave and Co completely cold. Basically, what they are doing is expecting smokers to vote for them whilst taking the same old shit from them as from New Labour. Some hopes, of course, and its time Dave and his chums grew up. We therefore applaud and welcome BARF Promotions’ excellent and punchy new magazine and hope that it will sell really well.