Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Gordon Brown – One Term Prime Minister

Whether you like it or not, what happened on Sunday 1st July when thousands of smokers the length and breadth of Britain defied the smoking ban was democracy at work.

Indeed, when adults decide how they want to live their lives as opposed to allowing themselves to be dictated to by others is freedom of choice and that is the very essence of democracy. Moreover, although most of us who read and contribute to the sites of pro-choice movements would all have found absurd, even a week ago, the notion that the humble and controversial cigarette would become a symbol of freedom, that is nevertheless what it has now become.

However, we must look forward to a new prime minister – Gordon Brown – and ask ourselves whether or not this man will have a better sense of justice and fair play than the previous incumbent of his office.

As we contemplate life under this overweight man not only must we consider that he is a poor example for healthy living, but also that his most natural inclination when things need to be achieved is to be a bully: an overweight bully with a clunking fist who demands that we all comply in accepting collective responsibility.

Collective responsibility on what terms we may ask ourselves because such concepts are normative and hence largely subjective in their detail.

The answer to this is probably pretty obvious. Brown, the rather boring and ponderous son of the kirk, operating without the people’s mandate, will impose his heavy handed nonconformist ideals upon us in order to create a more moral Britain. He is a joyless bore and his choice of health minister speaks volumes. This is Alan Johnson, a man who erroneously and lazily believes that “all the evidence is in” with regard to the issue of second hand smoke. Johnson is another herbert, another brick in the wall, who has allowed himself to be seduced by the words of corrupt and senior members of the medical establishment who have sold science down river in order to promote a health cause either for fanatical reasons or for pharmaceutical money.

Under Gordon Brown then, we can look forward to the further erosion of democracy as freedom is subjugated in the name of health and population control. This charge neither he nor his coterie of sycophants and career politicians would accept for they are so afflicted by the blindness of their own conceit that they no longer consider it necessary to listen to what the people of Britain have to say, except in the pseudo sense whereby we are consulted and then completely ignored.

However, I have a warning for Gordon Brown. Many people in Britain are waking up and we shall assist this process. A general election will inevitably come and it is my bet that the boring bully boy fist clunker will not be very popular.

Subsequently, I stick my neck out, although I think the odds are greatly in my favour. I therefore place the wager of £100 that Brown will be a one term prime minister. If I loose, and I am confident that I shall not, then I shall pay my £100 to a charity or charities chosen by the members of Freedom to Choose.

Blad Tolstoy