Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Dutch are exploding in Amsterdam. Solidarity Rules!

A message from Forces Netherlands, with several worthwhile links. Looks like they are on our side!

Hi folks,

We had a wonderfull surprise action against the smoking ban plans in Amsterdam last sunday. It was the main event during our crusader trip against the smoking ban'. On boats we have been driving through the Amsterdam canals ('grachten') while playing an anti-smoking ban song loudly from two boats and producing clouds of smoke. We got a tremendous media coverage and even were invited to start a weblog on one of the Dutch main TV media's websites.

Pictures can be found on our site:

A TV report can be found here:

The song that was played from the boat: (anti-smoking ban song)

As a result of our crusade action, an enormous petition action has been started that tries to gather 300.000 signatures against the smoking ban plans.

We are back on the map again!


Message received from Blad