Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Loonies Hit Holland

Holland, a country famous for its liberal and tolerant attitudes, looks like it too will be succumbing to the smoking ban bandwagon. However, this will not affect the famous coffee shops where customers may legally smoke cannabis. Smoke dope good, smoke tobacco bad, that's the message and ignored is the fact that cannabis smoke is no healthier than tobacco smoke except in the mythical minds of the hip.
Still, I'm tolerant about these things and therefore don't mind that punters in Amsterdam will still be able to enjoy a joint in comfort. However, in order that customers in coffee shops will be able to smoke cannabis without rolling it with tobacco, alternatives have been suggested including old socks.

This prospect is quite unique, but the thought of our antismoking brethren rushing home to wash the smell of foot odour out of their hair and clothes is indeed a most welcome one...Pass the Mycil someone!

Blad Tolstoy