Monday, April 30, 2007

Health Secretary

It'sabout time Hewitt or Blair did something right. I suggest Patty resigns and Tone accepts her resignation. Alternately Tone could just sack her.

She has made so many gaffs now, surely even in the new era of bomb-proof ministerial positions enough is enough.

Her arrogant voice is bad enough but everything she says and everything she does is wrong.

She has orchestrated the first and massive medical staffing crisis for August. She has overseen a farcical online job application system (MTAS) which has broken data protection laws. She has admitted it's a mess and apologised for some of her balls ups.

She has overseen chaos in the health service.

She has criticised our noble lady forces iranian hostage for smoking in her time of most need.

She is responsible for misinformation on a scale never surpassed before relating to the science of passive smoking.

She has spent millions of health service money on pathetic media campaigns on smoking and passive smoking. She has to go.

Blad's most excellent offering shows her current position. Someone pull the chain.