Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nitric Oxide Gene

Forces front page reports on a pivotal scientific discovery which has been ignored by the anti-tobacco lobby and the medical press. The significance of the discovery of a gene which smoking appears to down regulate cannot be overestimated. The gene is involved in the production of nitric oxide.

The effect of smoking on the gene could explain the known reduced incidence of Parkinson's Disease in smokers. The understanding of neurological degenerative diseases and their prevention and treatment could be majorly advanced if this area of research was afforded the priority it deserves.

However Parkinsons Disease like arthritis is a poor relative when it comes to the Public Health Brigade and the Charities. It is a crippling and personally disastrous condition. The is no hidden agenda to produce massive funding. So in effect such ground breaking and potentially life enhancing work will be held back because it is a benefit of smoking.

As the Nanny State clearly is in the advanced stages of Dementia perhaps its time it paid a little more heed to more responsible funding of science and less attention to the powerful anti-smoking cult. It may then be able to think more clearly and remember we live in a free democratic society.