Sunday, October 22, 2006


From the government that brought us hypocritical buzzwords like "respect" and childish slogans such as "Cool Britannia" smokers have had to put up with pre-pubescent NHS insults which state that "smokers stink" (nah-nan-na-nan-nah) and that "smokers are impotent".

Here are two examples of the latter infantile waggishness:

Contemplating these works of art, one wonders how much further this government is prepared to go in supporting corrupt medical non-science in its desire to add to Tony Blair's crumbling legacy. To begin with, if there is a risk of smokers becoming impotent as a result of their habit that risk cannot be very great as can be proved by the fact that during World War II an estimated 85% of military personnel smoked and an estimated 65% of the rest of the population, yet despite this, following that war there was a baby boom. In addition, subsequent heavy smoking generations produced millions of offspring.

These facts, however, are of no importance to the anti-smoker crusaders or to a government intent on cynically shoring up its popularity at any price, even if that means telling us more lies. We should also like to point out to Tony Blair that this nonsense hardly constitutes showing people respect either and if he wants respect from the smoking population he will have to learn to show it himself. No respectee, no votee!

We have become tired of being insulted, lied about and bullied so we have started producing our own responses but these responses are accurate. So perhaps our viewers would like to enjoy this new anti Labour NHS poster which reveals the truth. Whilst Nu-Labour tries to vilify smokers this belies the fact that its real concern is with its own impotence.

Finally, along with the mendacious anti-smoker movement, whenever criticism is received concerning the Lysenkoism utilised to promote smoker bans, the government's response is to directly or indirectly permit the issuing of yet more far fetched claims regarding the dangers of environmental tobacco smoke. This is ham fisted ineptitude for, increasingly, more and more smokers, libertarians and pro-choice activists are becoming aware of the truth concerning the great second hand smoke scam by learning the science and digging beneath the surface to the corruption that ultimately sustains the anti smoker crusade. Yes indeed, there will be a reckoning and for these creatures of dishonesty and hatred it is later than they think!

Blad Tolstoy