Monday, September 25, 2006

Portrait of a Bloody Fool

You might be forgiven for not knowing who this bozo is but for your information he is Dr Brian Gibbons of the Welsh Assembly and a keen proponent of a smoker ban for Wales.

You may know that the Assembly - known for short in widening circles as 'The Ass' - intends to implement its smoker ban on April 2nd next year, the day after All Fools Day and an appropriate time for fools to implement such a ban too.

Indeed, for as the Assembly falls over itself to show it has balls (in an atrophied kind of way) by beating England to the draw over implementation of a ban, it has failed to take into account the immediate effect this will have on pubs in Wales' border counties. Clients of these pubs will immediately pop over into England to do their drinking and socialising thus causing an instant and drastic loss to income from trade.

Many of us read the Assembly's Report of the Committee on Smoking in Public Places and we know what a deeply flawed piece of nonsense it is presenting several of the usual pieces of junk science and misinformation. We also know that the Ass took the word of tobacco control organisations over that of trade bodies with regard to ban damage. Small wonder then that Gibbons and his antismokerist chums (which include Wales' head buffoon Rhodri Morgan) should fail to consider the immediate effect on border county pubs that implementing a ban before England will have.

Moreover, it may surprise some that bans should be proceeding at all when one considers the negative effects of the bans in Ireland and Scotland. The ban in Ireland is already a fiasco with 624 pubs gone, 12,500 jobs lost and smoking rates up. Likewise, with Scotland and already, losses add up to 65 pubs and 5 bingo halls closed and all this by the end of the first summer. No wonder many Scots are not looking forward to the winter.

Next, we may consider, following the Assembly's Report plus the McFadden Critique of that report, precisely what Gibbons - a doctor - knows about interpreting epidemiology given the crass literature on which the Ass based its decision. All I can say is that if Gibbons is that much of a bloody fool I'm glad he¹s not my physician. Oh...I forgot, he and his chums are on a holy crusade so they may be deliberately ignoring the truth in accord with the common practice of antismokerism. (Still glad he's not my physician.)

Many years ago, the Archdruid -WKRP George - described the Welsh as "a nation of warring nightingales." This is a delightfully picturesque description and the Welsh, by en large, may still truly be such. However, Wales' Assembly is a stable of braying donkeys.

Blad Tolstoy.

P.S. You may notice that Gibbons has yellow teeth and he isn't even a smoker.