Monday, August 14, 2006

Electro convulsive treatment

This is an early morning posting as I shall be home late and knackered later. Today I shall start off by going to the Pysychiatric Hospital adjacent to the General Hospital, where I shall anaesthetise some people for ECT. It does really work, I see it every week. The people we treat are in a very bad way indeed, not drinking, basically given up and they get better.
Some debate recently in the Basingstoke Gazetteand Hospital Doctor and BMA news Review about smoking bans and nuthouses. Ban expected soon at my psychiatric hospital and I shall have to walk almost to the other hospital. There will be a road between the hospitals where I can smoke.
Anyway psychiatric patients are to have some exclusions especially if the are not voluntary patients. One thing that I found amusing was that another exception will be "those not capable of making informed consent to enter a quiting program". It strikes me they are saying that all smokers are mentally ill if they dont' consent!