Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Killer Asthma

The Sun has even pointed out Viscount Simon's severe health problem.

"Their Lordships are due to give the final seal of approval tomorrow to the most draconian ant-smoking laws in any major country. But the deceit and bogus evidence of stub-'em-out fanatics have nothing on Viscount Simon. He told peers that if he is driving on a motorway, with his windows closed and ventilation shut off, and is passed by a driver smoking a cigar "I will have an asthma attack" and need to use his inhaler as well as "numerous other things." If his windows are open "it is likely that I will have to stop and that the paramedics will have to come very quickly as I will be very ill." Clearly the Viscount needs more than paramedics to clear up this problem."

I wish the Viscount well and good luck in his search for the correct diagnosis.