Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The extreme to which the anti-smoker movement may be prepared to go

We all know about the book advertised on ASH's American counterpart's website (ASH US) which tells the story of someone deliberately poisoning cigarettes (this has happened at least twice in the UK and the actions are considered to have been influenced by this book).

We likewise know of ASH US's proposals (now followed) to prevent smokers from being hired by employers and to have children removed from their custody even if they are the natural parents on the basis of child abuse. All of this facilitated, of course, by hate politics and exaggerated claims about environmental tobacco smoke.

It has also been remarked quite clearly and on numerous occasions by numerous people that ASH US's ultimate goal is to criminalise smokers (now happening). It is also a fact that ASH UK always eventually follows the example of their American counterparts if albeit a few years later. We should not be surprised then if ASH UK follow suit on this one too.

However, I contend that not only has much of the anti-smoker lobby completely lost a sense of honesty, perspective and rational thinking but that some of its major players are exhibiting psychopathic behaviour.

Classic attributes of psychopathic behaviour are no sense of morality or social structure and also power complexes and the drive to commit violence. In addition, the psychopath shows no obvious signs of mental illness or abnormality. Many of you should be able to fit some of these criteria to certain major players in the US anti-smoker lobby (and maybe some in the UK too).

If we now also consider Surgeon General Carmona's report, this is geared to stir up even greater hatred towards smokers based on fear. So much so, I also contend, that the final "logical step" of the anti-smoker lobby will not simply be to criminalise smokers but to advocate that they be killed. ("Murdered" might not be the appropriate term as part of the definition of murder is that it is unlawful killing.)

This will be the final move - from psychopathy to homicidal psychopathy.

Whether or not SG Carmona is aware of this (in which case he's truly evil) or whether he's just stupid I don't know but ASH US are already advocating this vicariously through the book advert. I now think that is only a matter of time, give it a couple of years or so of more lunatic and irresponsible hype, before ASH US and others openly advocate or openly support the killing of smokers based on the "kill the bastards before they kill you" principle.

If you think I'm crazy then start to check out psychopathic personalities and disorders.

If we reach the point I have outlined, and it will probably happen in America first, then people will have only two real choices. To go along with it or oppose it. I can't see any third alternative.

It¹s truly grim and sick whichever way one looks at it.

Blad Tolstoy.