Tuesday, May 09, 2006

To Slay A Vampire

Michael J. McFadden has often described the anti-smoker movement as being like a vampire. You can defeat it but it will rise again each time from the grave to continue with its misguided practice and malice. Make no mistake about it then, this vampire deserves to be destroyed. Throughout its dire existence it has pressed for the implementation of smoking bans. Smoking bans have destroyed jobs, businesses, interpersonal relationships, lives, trust between friends, and faith in the medical profession. They have encouraged discrimination against people who smoke in the fields of employment and leisure, and they have denigrated medical science and the future of accurate medical diagnostics as the vampire attempts to attribute every illness under the sun to the effects of environmental tobacco smoke. But the latter is the source of this vampire's power. Without the great lie that environmental tobacco smoke, in the quantities in which we normally experience it, is a deadly toxic substance its campaigns would never have taken flight. So, to destroy this vampire we have forged the stake of truth. The stake of truth is the weapon by which the great lie will be exposed and revealed in the sunlight for all to see.As this is being written, the stake of truth is pressed against the vampire's rib cage over the location of its lying beating heart. Above the stake is poised the hammer of justice ready to strike. So let us strike this hammer and drive in the stake strong and hard and keep on driving it in until this vampire can rise no more. It shall be cast into the darkness from whence it came!

Blad (the Impaler)