Friday, April 21, 2006

Tips for Success.

By now, many of you will have written to the Department of Health regarding smoking ban issues without success. If your experience mirrors mine then decent replies are never forthcoming and one is simply sent the usual pile of junk statistics and fabrications. From now on I have decided on an appropriate policy to counter this and it is as follows. Every time my questions are responded to with junk, and particularly the little black pamphleton the dangers of second hand smoke, I shall send it back politely with an accompanying letter informing that department that they have not answered my questions properly and have yet again supplied me with misleading propaganda.

Moreover, I am going to buy some cheap little sticky labels which I shall adhere to the front of each of these booklets with glue to make the pamphlets unusable by the Department of Health for a second time.

In addition, I shall then print on each label the words:

Health Warning: Danger, reading this paper/booklet/report will weaken your your mind and render you ignorant of the truth.

I think that such an approach should give that Department just a little something to think about.