Saturday, February 18, 2006

What Next?

I am in a contemplative hiatus. Smoking and conversation is spurning new ideas to formulate. Many more people are interacting on the Forest blogs of all types of persuasion. There is much new information to assimilate and yet I do not arrive at conclusions. I deliberate about experiences others must have had and wander for example what we can learn from the fox hunting debate. I gather that the size of the commons majority means that the Lords has no chance of overturning the legislation or even returning it the the commons.

So I toy with ideas of a new action group, of greater organisation and of the usefulness of funding. Yet something is missing and I cannot work out what. We pro-choice types are an intelligent lot and a very diverse group. What ingredient is missing to effectively counter the antismokers? Is it money or an effective network. Our network seems slightly impotent. Can we focus on a common objective or path?